Welcome to my little reading bubble!

Me, myself, and I love books, history, animals (especially horses, wolves, and cats), travelling, food, and Harry Potter. I’m born and raised in Norway since 1994, but since then I’ve lived abroad for two years, one in the US and one in London. I’ve started a bachelor degree in History which I dropped out of in order to start a bachelor degree in Psychology which I’m currently studying my way through.

As far as reading, Historical Fiction, the topic of World War 2, and Young Adult is my favourite genres, but I genuinely read almost everything. After the year I lived in London I have developed an even greater love for books that take place on the British islands. I can never read, watch or listen to Harry Potter enough. I’m a part of the fortunate generation that grew up with Harry, Ronny and Hermione and their years at Hogwarts, but I still haven’t received my letter….

My drinking habits when reading includes either tea, coffee or hot chocolate, depending on my mood. For tea flavours I’m rather simple; a Twinings Lady Grey Tea, Earl Grey Tea or Chamomile Tea (I like others as well, but these are the best), I take my coffee black and my hot chocolate with or without cream.

I’m active on both Instagram and Twitter as well as here, and I use the #booksupnorth (since I’m Norwegian and all you know, haha) when I post so if you want to interact you can either follow me or the # (links are in my header). On Instagram and Twitter, you’ll see what I’m currently reading, you can meet Princess (my boyfriend’s cat who is my mascot), keep up with what’s happening in between reading books, and get a little peek inside my head when I see it fit. You never know with me! Most of the time it is all book-related though!

On that note, enjoy your time in my little book bubble and feel free to recommend, criticize, and comment on the content! Enjoy!