The Resistance Girl – Jina Bacarr

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Actually it’s not the best day. As I’m writing this the news about the terrible events in France is rolling over my screen and I can’t believe it’s happened again. The world is crazy enough as it is and then stuff like this happens. The book I’ve read is set in France, mainly in Paris, during the war, and in some sense I feel that, with these current events, that France again is at war. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Two women. One heartbreaking secret.

Paris, 1943.

Sylvie Martone is the star of French cinema, adored by fans and on the good side of the Nazi officers who swarm the streets of Paris. Chosen as one of Goebbels’ select few, she is torn between her duty to her country and her desire to survive.

As she walks the city arm in arm with an SS Officer, her fellow Parisians begin to turn against her. But Sylvie has a secret – one she must protect with her life.

Paris, 2020.

Juliana Chastain doesn’t know anything about her family history. While her mother was alive she remained very secretive about her past.

So when Juliana discovers a photograph of a glamorous French actress from World War Two amongst her mother’s possessions, she is in shock to find herself looking at her grandmother – especailly as she is arm in arm with a Nazi Officer…

Desperate for answers, Juliana is determined to trace the journey of her grandmother. Surely there is more to the photograph than meets the eye? But as she delves into Sylvie’s past, nothing can prepare Juliane for the tales of secrets, betrayal and sacrifice which she will uncover.

The Resistance Girl is a gripping story about secrets, love, family, and betrayal. I was captured very early on in the story and I’ve enjoyed every minute since! The storyline moves nicely and I felt that it was a solid balance between action and more quiet moments. The book, like I said, is mainly set in Paris during the war and we all know that this is my favorite time period. I haven’t read many books set in France during the war, neither historical fiction nor non-fiction, and it was interesting to learn of yet another new perspective of the war. Since I haven’t read too much about France before I find it difficult to know what’s true and what’s fiction but, as with all fiction books, I’m assuming that it has some base within the truth. It would be very interesting to dig deeper into the resistance in France and how it was organized. Would I have to learn French for that you think?

We have two very strong female characters in this book. Juliana, who is our present time character, is a costume designer for film studios. Her mother wasn’t too overjoyed when she wanted to join the film world but she never gave any reason why. Juliana is curious, courageous, and confused. She has an amazing friend named Ridge who helps her in every way he can but she is holding back in order to not ruin their friendship. I think this is something many people can recognize. It is a fairly common theme in books but it keeps on intriguing us. I like how Juliana handles this whole situation. The author has made the whole thing very realistic both in how Juliana acts but also how she thinks about the whole situation, both with Ridge and her family secret. Often I find that these situations can become too cliche and unrealistic, and I enjoy to read situations that I feel could take place in real life. Yes, I acknowledge that something that is cliche for me is realistic for someone else but you know, my blog and my opinion and all that, haha. Feel free to disagree though as always!

Then we also have Sylvie, our past time character. When we meet her as a little girl I quickly became very fond of her. Then she grew older and I was wondering where on earth this book was heading with this character. This was before I remembered that the book is called The Resistance Girl which made me not give her up quite yet, and I’m very glad I didn’t! During the book I came to really enjoy Sylvie’s character. Although she might seem mindless in several situations during the book she still has the ability to pull herself together and fight for what is important to her which is something I really admire! I was quite worried about her secret, and for a while I was so sure I knew where the story was heading but several plot twists threw me off. Good job Bacarr! I feel that Sylvie’s character is the one that has the most obvious development during this book. Juliana also has a tremendous development as a character but her’s is more hidden than Sylvie’s and I enjoy that there is a difference that sets them apart. It makes it more interesting for me as a reader to engage with the characters in different ways.

The Resistance Girl is a brilliant book with a historical backdrop and two strong female characters. If you’re into historical fiction from WW2 then I really recommend that you pick up this read! This is the type of book that can be read by many and equally valued if you’re into history, romance, secrets, novels, family, or many other topics. Read, read, read!

Published: 2020

Genre: Historical fiction

Theme: WW2, secrets, family, betrayal, love

Author Bio

Jina Bacarr is a US-based historical romance author of over 10 previous books. She has been a screenwriter, journalist and news reporter, but now writes full-time and lives in LA. Jina’s novels have been sold in 9 territories.

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