The Time Police 2: Hard Time – Jodi Taylor


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I have read a rather unusual book this time. I did very much enjoy it but it took me some time to grasp this new universe. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Team Weird are back causing havoc in the Time Police in this irresistible spin-off series by international bestseller Jodi Taylor, author of The Chronicles of St Mary’s. If you love Doctor Who, Ben Aaronovitch and Jasper Fforde, you’ll love the Time Police.
A time slip in Versailles, problems in the Ice Age and illegal time travellers in need of rescue. Must be a job for the Time Police. Luke, Jane and Matthew are back and ready to cause havoc – inadvertently or otherwise – in their latest adventures.

Hard Time is the second book, and a spin off, about the Time Police. I haven’t read the first book and I wouldn’t say that you have to, but I think it would have given me a bit more context. This blog tour was recommended to me by my good friend Nicole (BookmarkThat) and she has read the first book so if you want two perspectives check out her review in the bottom of this one. I had some trouble with understanding which year we were in, and if it was written somewhere it escaped me, but we are somewhere in the future which I think is rather cool! I know for sure that the book is set in London though. I haven’t read too many futuristic books and I think I might need to pick more of these soon..It challenged my imagination, and it felt so nice! This book is a weird mix of science fiction and historical fiction but it was quite enjoyable. Lately I’ve felt that my imagination has been rather dead. Too much academia. I enjoyed the plot in the book. It builds up slowly but nicely and it’s just complex enough. It also has a lot of new aspects that I haven’t encountered before and that is always so appreciated! In addition to a very nice plot the books really is made by a sound set of characters!

Our characters are sound, well created, and quite enjoyable! Let me start with Luke Parrish, one of the key members of Team 236. This young man is every inch as annoying as he is sweet. Parrish is the perfect picture of a rich playboy with nothing going for him except his charm, his money, and his temper. Yet, there is another side to him that we get glimpses of from time to time. Since I didn’t read the first book I can only base my opinion on this one, and I must say he is the kind of character I hate but enjoy, haha.

Then we have Jane, the only female in the group of three. She has a very interesting condition which I would think didn’t qualify her for her job but it seems to actually help her which is cool! Interesting way to weave psychological diseases into a story. Jane is the Hermione of the group without the bossiness since that goes to Parrish. I like Jane because she does things her own way and doesn’t care what others think of her ways. When the world around her is highly technical she sticks with her trusted notebook. When the boys want to rush on she wants to think things through. I sense that there is something in her past that might have been revealed in the last book. I’d like to know more about that. Matthew, the final member of the team, is the quiet one who does his job in the shadows. Jane isn’t loud either but Matthew is kinda just there all the time and participates with his opinions. I sense that he has some history too and I think this too might have been revealed in the first book. I think I might have to read it.

Hard Time is an interesting and good book with solid characters. It’s set some time in the future and is a mix of historical fiction and science fiction. It made me curious to read more of these books and I might pick up the first book in this series!

Published: 2020

Genre: Science fiction

Theme: Friends, time, history, crime

Link to Bookmark That’s review:

– The Book Reader

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