Lily Baker 4: Deptford Girls – Patricia McBride


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This time I’m returning to my favorite historical period, WW2, and this time the book is even set in London! How amazing is that! The year I lived in London I lived in the borough close to Deptford so it was really nice to read about a familiar area. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

A country at war. Friends in trouble. A fascist traitor. Stepping up can only lead Lily to danger.
Rescuing friends or spotting spies; Private Lily Baker always gets involved.
While London burns she looks out for workmates and girlfriends but also uncovers a web of deception at the Depot where she works.
When the ruthless suspect knows she’s closing in, she must act fast to unmask the traitor and save her friends, herself, and the brave soldiers overseas whose lives are at risk.
The Deptford Girls is the fourth in the Lily Baker wartime series. This heart-wrenching story features courage, friendship, betrayal, compelling characters, and a captivating plot.

The Deptford Girls is the fourth book in the series about Lily Baker. The book is an easy read and can be read as a stand-alone. I found it refreshing to read this type of book from my favorite period for once. The story has a lot of action with engaging characters and Lily is constantly on the move trying to help her friends. Sometimes I felt that the story was a bit too staged if you know what I mean? From time to time I felt that it was a little too much that just happened to work out a little too easily. Even though books are designed to be like this, different authors have different abilities when it comes to hiding the obvious fact that their book is staged. If this made any sense? Sometimes I don’t make much sense. I enjoyed the plot twists in this book. There were several ones that threw me off the sent of the plot which is always appreciated!

The characters in this book are rather enjoyable! Lily Baker, our main character, is one of those women who are a good role model for younger girls. She’s a girl after my heart who is kind, couragous, and doesn’t listen too much to others opinion if she knows that something is right. Yet, she experiences the same challenges as anyone else with a raging war, love, and friendsships that pop up from unlikely places. Sometimes I think she is a bit overdramatic but I don’t know if that’s due to that that as how women acted during those times or if the author might have overdone it. I’ll leave that up to you. The rest of our characters are a very varied and funny bunch! They’re the kind of characters that you enjoy reading about because they bring so much different to the table. This book can really be loved simply because of its characters! Our villain is somewhat easy to spot but he could also just disappear in the crowd of creeps that after all always will exist. I didn’t like him right of the bat but like I said I wasn’t sure there was something about him until later. Let me know if you pick up on it too!

The Deptford Girls is an actionfilled and easy read. The characters are enjoyable and the time period is, of course, perfect if you’re a lover of WW2 literature. This book can be read as a stand-alone but I think I’ll consider reading the rest of the series. It’s nice to not only read non-fiction related books to my favorite topic!

Published: 2020

Genre: Historical fiction

Theme: Friends, war, spies

Author Bio

Patricia lives in Cambridge, England with her husband Rick. She first wrote non-fiction, mainly self-help books, but became inspired to try her hand at fiction. In addition to writing she volunteers for a local museum and Addenbrookes Hospital.

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