Not Myself Today – Muriel Ellis Pritchet

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Another good blog tour for the books and this one really hooked me from the very first page! I’m sensing a follow-up but I’m not quite sure what Pritchet will do? I think a follow-up could be a good idea. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

High school soccer star Lindsey Anderson was at the top of her game with graduation approaching and a full-ride soccer scholarship offer in her hand. Then she dropped dead on the soccer field, only to wake up in the body of a teenage sex-trafficking victim. No one believes who she really is. Not even her dad. Chased by her new body’s drug-dealing pimp and rabid parapsychologists out to dissect her, Lindsey searches to get her body and her life back before graduation day. Can her BFF and the high school nerdy boy she detests help save her life?

Not Myself Today is brilliantly American in several ways. First of all I think every ambitious senoir out there can relate to Lindsey and her excitement of graduating high school at the very top of her game. At the same time I also believe that people can relate to Lindsay’s complete feeling of loss and devastation when her major plans are disrupted by something unforeseen. I must say that I personally don’t believe in body swapping but it makes a good plotline for a book. What I particularly enjoyed in this book was how Pritchet was able to show Lindsey a world so completely different from her own. One she barely knows exists because of her fortunate upbringing. I think this is a lesson several people, myself included, around the world could have a benefit to learn. There are so many lives out there who live under unimaginable and unbearable circumstances, and normal people like you and I will never be able to grasp the full extension of it. I hope and believe that Pritchet has done proper research on the topic when writing the book because sex trafficking of young people is way too common around the world and without knowledge its hard to fight it.

Lindsey is a very strong character and I enjoyed following her journey in this book. I think she learns more about life on a deeper level than she ever would have had she not ended up in a different body. You can see the traces of her mind changing during the story and this was very rewarding for me to see. I think its amazing when you can look back at a story and see the changes that has happened to characters from the beginning to the end. Justin might have been my favorite side kicks though! It is simply because he doesn’t give up and he is the perfect picture of every boy or girl who has liked someone but doesn’t know how to move ahead from the point of watching from a distance. We get some inight to what he has done in order to catch Lindsey’s attention and its both childish, humorous and sweet at the same time. I also like the way he develops during this book and if there is a follow-up I sincerely hope to see more of him and his new tendencies as a character. He does have some rather appealing sides to him which is revealed thoughout the book.

Writing-wise the book is easy with a captivating language that caught me from the very first page! It has a popular-writing feel to it which makes it very relatable for today’s youth and I think that is a clever way to frase a book when you are writing a YA novel. I’ve read YA novels where the language is just too heavy considering the target group and language is what really makes a book. No matter how great the characters are a book won’t be engaging if you have to read a sentence three times before you catch it. Before you ask, yes, I have done that exact thing a couple of times.

Not Myself Today is a well executed YA novel which includes body swapping, new friendsships and tons of action. The more entertaining aspects of the book is balanced well with the more serious parts and this creates for a solid and educating reading experience! Hurra!

Published: 2020

Genre: YA fantasy

Theme: Friends, choices, adventure

Author Bio

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Muriel Ellis Pritchett graduated from the University of Georgia and began her journalism career while living in Japan and Germany. Her journalism career included playwriting, editing and writing for magazines and newspapers, and working in public relations, university relations, and media relations.

After retiring, Muriel’s family doctor recommended she get a hobby.  So, she began writing fun fiction about feisty older women who had been wronged and had to pull themselves up out of the muck. But her award-winning fourth book, Not Myself Today, is a change in genres—a YA paranormal thriller. It is scheduled for release September 24, 2020. Her first three “fruity” books, fun romance for older women, are Making Lemonade, Like Peaches and Pickles, and Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream. She is currently working on another “fruity” book, titled Sour Grapes and Balmy Knight.

When not writing, Muriel loves cruising all over the world, eating good Belgian chocolate, and spending time in any Disney park. Her favorite Disney attractions are SOARING at Disney World’s EPCOT in Florida, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris, Journey to the Center of the Earth at DisneySeas in Tokyo, and Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland in California.

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