Sooty Feathers 1: Ressurection Men – David Craig


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I’m a few hours late for my blog tour again! I really hate being late for anything and I did forget that I’d signed up for this one, so it’s all on me! #forgetfulbookblogger The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Wilton Hunt, a student, and Tam Foley, a laudanum-addicted pharmacist, are pursuing extra-curricular careers as body snatchers, or ‘resurrection men’, under cover of darkness. They exhume a girl’s corpse, only for it to disappear while their backs are turned. Confused and in need of the money the body would have earnt them, they investigate the corpse’s disappearance. They discover that bodies have started to turn up in the area with ripped-out throats and severe loss of blood, although not the one they lost. The police are being encouraged by powerful people to look the other way, and the deaths are going unreported by the press. As Hunt and Foley delve beneath the veneer of respectable society, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous underworld that is protected from scrutiny by the rich and powerful members of the elite but secretive Sooty Feathers Club.

Resurrection Men is a bit of a puzzle. I must admit it took me awhile to get into this book. There are many pieces with no obvious connection in the beginning. It is fantasy but it is quite outside my normal fantasy genre as well which is why I suspect it took me some time to catch on. In terms of storyline I feel that it can be a bit confusing before you are able to keep the characters apart. There are quite a few of them but nothing close to a Norwegian kiosk saga story! I confused Hunt and Foley in the beginning but that was quickly sorted!

I must say that Hunt and Foley make for an unlikely couple although I enjoy their weird form of companionship. They’re two people I wouldn’t suspect to end up together but life has a funny way of making weird things happen! It was amusing to see Foley’s old army habits shine through in his personality and I think this makes him relatable for quite a few people! The army is something quite a few people today have some sort of experience with, and even though the book takes place in late 1900s there are some things within the army that hasn’t changed until this day. Like battalion leaders or the companionship with one’s fellow soldiers. Hunt on the other hand is relatable to every person who has wished to be independent and seeking their own future in the world! I know this was rather unheard of in many areas of society at the time when this book takes place so I think it’s a rather cool thing to incorporate into story! Hunt, to me, seems like some sort of rebel. He ventures away from the high professions such as doctor or lawyer, which his parents would like him to become, and goes the completely opposite way. It’s always fascinating to watch these sort of choices if the author does a good job of portraying them which Craig does!

In this book we encounter some of the most famous night creatures in the world, and I’m ashamed to say that it took me far too long to catch up to what kind of creatures we were talking about here! I enjoy the way these creatures have been portrayed, which is somewhat obvious and somewhat secretive. Craig has done a really good job of it and it made the whole scheme more enjoyable. Another thing I really liked was the entrance of an old order. I have a thing for this order you see and I’ve always enjoyed books where this order is featured whether it’s real or fiction. Finally, I enjoyed that it wasn’t obvious what was going to happen around the next turn in the story. This is one of the more unpredictable novels I’ve read this year which was quite nice! I hate it when stories are predictable, especially if you feel like the book has had a good drive and then all of a sudden it just falls flat. No worries about that in this book tho!

If you are into the horror and fantasy genre then I think this book will be right up your alley! Personally, I found it a bit hard to keep up with all the characters at certain points within the story. However, this didn’t interrupt my reading experience too much. This is the first book in the series and the second book is already out so no need to wait if you loved this one! I would recommend this for older adolescents or grown-ups though due to that the content from time to time can be experienced as a bit too much.

Author Bio

Aside from three months living on an oil tanker sailing back and forth between America and Africa, and two years living in a pub, David Craig grew up on the west coast of Scotland.  He studied Software Engineering at university, but lost interest in the subject after (and admittedly prior to) graduation. He currently works as a strategic workforce planning analyst for a public service contact centre, and lives near Glasgow with his wife, daughter and two rabbits.

Being a published writer had been a life-long dream, and one that he was delighted to finally realise with his debut novel, Resurrection Men, the first in the Sooty Feathers series, published by Elsewhen Press in 2018. Thorns of a Black Rose was David’s second novel, also published by Elsewhen Press. He returns to the Sooty Feathers series with Lord of the Hunt.

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Twitter: @sootyfeathers


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Published: 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Theme: Glasgow, nightly mysteries, societies

– The Book Reader

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