Business – Terje Bjøranger

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This time I bring you a book with a rather terrifying theme – we’re diving into the world of human trafficking! The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads and translated by me:

A man enters a flowershop at Aker Brygge, Oslo. He pulls a gun and shoots the woman behind the counter. The man intentionally leaves his prints and even waves to the security camera. Even with these solid clues the police struggle to identify the murderer. Charlie Robertsen is dragged into a dark world where human trafficking is “big business”, but who is behind the murder? How can they get away without leaving any trace?

Business is full of the world few of us rarely see. Human trafficking is something we normal people on the street read about in the news and see through documentaries but in this book, I feel like we get a realistic picture of how clever and obvious this business can be done. Cynical people who take advantage of desperate people who are willing to do anything to save their family. At the same time, I feel that some of the characters in this book has entered this world with open eyes and I don’t quite know how to feel about them? Do I feel sorry for them for existing in this world of horror, or do I brush it off and accept that they’ve decided to be in it? I found it difficult to decide upon this but I decided with myself that it must depend on each individual situation. Business, I believe, gives a very realistic picture of how human trafficking can be done in our modern world. Terje Bjøranger is a police lawyer currently working with KRIPOS, Norway’s special agency of the Norwegian Police Service, and he has previously worked with UDI, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. Based on this I feel that Bjøranger is the right man to write this sort of story.

The book kicks off with action and we’re thrown straight into an uncomfortable situation. Later we are introduced to Charlie, our main character, and we get the sense that he is out of the police force for a reason. Charlie seems to me to be a complicated man with his heart in the right place. He has many faults, and he acknowledges them himself which I find both amusing and reassuring, yet he is somewhat impossible to not like simply because of the choices he makes and how he reasons for them. He doesn’t love easily but those he loves he will protect with fierceness! This is the second book about Charlie Robertsen but throughout the book we get small hints and glimpses about why and how Charlie ended up outside of the police force so I didn’t feel that I was at a disadvantage to not having read the first book.

The action we’re introduced to so early in the book keeps up throughout the entire storyline and we rarely have any pauses or ‘quiet moments. At the same time this is the kind of book where this just works and you don’t tire from the action. The book is deep and its dark and its secrets isn’t revealed until the very end, and it is masterly done by Bjøranger! The solution to this crime is one of the more complex ones and it’s a true joy to finally discover how everything has been connected behind the scenes. I must say that the how to ‘get away without leaving a trace’ stuff was AMAZINGLY put together! I was baffled when the book revealed how it was done because I had no chance of understanding it. I had some suspicions, but they were so far off that I won’t even tell you, haha. It’s truly incredible what we can do with technology these days!

Business is a crime novel with a strong touch of dark reality and a great amount of action. It’s one of the tougher crime novels I’ve read so far. The characters, especially Charlie, are well developed and created. Bjøranger is definitely an author I have to keep my eyes open for in the future because this man knows how to keep his readers on his toes and glued to the pages!

Published: 2019

Genre: Crime novel

Theme: Human trafficking, murder, family

– The Book Reader


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