The Seven Sisters 6: The Sun Sister – Lucinda Riley


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How are you doing today? Have you read anything good lately? I’ve just finished the last book in the Seven Sister series and as usual I’m late to the party, haha. I think this is my favorite book in this series as of now, and I’m so very curious to see where its all going to end! I’ll be very sad when this series comes to an end, with only the last book left to be published! The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

To the outside world, Electra d’Apliese seems as though she is the woman who has everything: as one of the world’s top models, she is beautiful, rich and famous. But beneath the veneer, and fuelled by the pressure of the life she leads, Electra’s already tenuous control over her mental state has been rocked by the death of her father, Pa Salt, the elusive billionaire who adopted his six daughters as babies from around the globe. Struggling to cope, she turns to alcohol and drugs to ease the pain, and as those around her fear for her health, Electra receives a letter from a complete stranger who claims to be her grandmother . . .

In 1939, Cecily Huntley-Morgan arrives in Kenya from New York to nurse a broken heart. Staying with her godmother, a member of the infamous Happy Valley set, on the shores of beautiful Lake Naivasha, she meets Bill Forsythe, a notorious bachelor and cattle farmer with close connections to the proud Maasai tribe. When disaster strikes and war is imminent, Cecily decides she has no choice but to accept Bill’s proposal. Moving up into the Wanjohi Valley, and with Bill away, Cecily finds herself isolated and alone. Until she discovers a new-born baby abandoned in the woods next to her farmhouse…

The Sun Sister is a bit different than the previous books in this series. I think it’s very clever of Riley to make some alterations to her success recipe with the next last book in the series. It builds up the reader’s anticipation for the very last book. Which alterations she makes I’m not gonna tell you because that would spoil a bit too much for my taste. What I can tell you was that the narrator was somewhat different in this book and in the beginning I found it a bit slow but as always Riley’s writing pulls me in and captures me! This way of narrating made very much sense for Electra’s story. By using the narrator like Riley does with Electra’s story I feel that we get an even closer look at how Electra evolves during this story. She’s unlike her sisters in many ways so there was no surprise to me that her story didn’t resemble theirs, and I think maybe that’s another reason for why I enjoyed her story especially.

I think Riley has done an amazing job with portraying Electra. She’s really a firework of a character and in the previous books we’ve just gotten to know the challenging side of her personality when she’s interacted with her sisters. Now we get to know her on a more personal level and I honestly think she’s the most interesting of the sisters we’ve met thus far. We have to keep in mind that we’re still missing a sister…I’m very glad that Riley has decided to angle Electra’s story the way she has. In my opinion this gives this whole series an extra amount of depth. It stands out from the previous stories because rather than keeping the story personal Riley now makes the story more interpersonal. In my opinion the previous stories have been interpersonal as well but on a different level than Electra’s. I suppose that has to do with the fact that Electra is famous whilst her sisters have more normal lives.

I very much enjoyed the part where we learn about Cecily, although I couldn’t quite place her part in the story right away. I think it was a very clever way to twist the story the way Riley did it. I couldn’t for the bare life of me understand how Electra was connected to Cecily but as I read on I began to grasp it all and I very much enjoyed this twist! It’s very much unlike what has happened in the previous books and I found that rather refreshing. I also really much enjoyed reading about Africa. Reading this book really made me wanna jump on a plane to Africa right away. Normally money would be the biggest issue, which it still is since I’m a student, but now the main issue is that I actually can’t go because of this pandemic. It still feels very bizarre to me that the whole world is on lockdown so it’s good to have books like this one to make one’s thoughts wander and plan for what I can do when this pandemic quietens down a bit.

I saw on Goodreads that several readers deem this book as informative, and I have to say that I really agree! It’s informative in more than one aspect but I can’t really spoil that for you because that would just destroy so much of your reading experience. I’ll settle for telling you that when you’ve read this book you may look at certain aspects of the celebrity life quite differently. This book also, to a greater degree, had me thinking about how pretty d**m privileged I am living where I do and having the opportunities that I do. I think its great that books can remind people of the social differences in the world and maybe open people’s eyes in order to show a bit more compassion on an everyday basis.

The Sun Sister has become my new favorite book in this series! The story in itself and the characters are amazing and you’ll very easily be pulled into Electra’s story although the narrator is a bit different this time. Riley has yet again done an amazing job with bringing this series forward, and now I’m both excited and sad to see it come to an end!

Published: 2019

Genre: Historical fiction

Theme: Family, drug abuse, Africa

– The Book Reader

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