Mutts and Mistletoe – Natalie Cox

Norwegian title: Ikke bare til jul

Happy Saturday guys!

I’m done with my last exam for the year and this means that I can read as much as I want!! I’ve been waiting for this day the whole semester and now its finally here! I’ve also saved up some episodes from the new seasons of The Crown and Outlander so I’m really going to enjoy myself! To kick off my Christmas holidays I’ll review Mutts and Mistletoe by Natalie Cox, a very sweet Christmas read! The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Her boyfriend has left her for his personal trainer, her mother has absconded with her latest husband for the holidays, and–adding insult to (literal) injury–her London apartment has just been destroyed by a gas leak. Single, mildly concussed and temporarily homeless, Charlie realizes there’s only one place to go: Cozy Canine Cottages, where she’ll spend the season looking after her cousin Jez’s doggy daycare centre. And if she’s not exactly a dog person, well, no one has to know…

But her plans for a quiet Christmas in a quaint country village are quickly dashed. Peggy the pregnant beagle and Malcolm the anxious Great Dane seem determined to keep her up all night. A strange man has been casing her cousin’s house. And where is Cal, the unbearably patronizing but disturbingly handsome local vet, when she needs him?

Mutts and Mistletoe is a quite charming and funny read! The irony of a girl looking after a dog kennel all through Christmas when she doesn’t even like dogs create for some funny situations! I would say that if you’re a dog person, which I am, then this is definitely your Christmas read. The story is calm and sweet with country action thrown into it but don’t let this description fool you! I’m only using it not to spoil anything for you! What was really nice about this book was that the story was simple and the language was good which was something my brain really needed when I started reading this book! I started it after I’d delivered my second exam, which was my hardest, and I could literally sense my brain relaxing and tuning out the world. It was a quick and easy read and it really fitted my idea of a Christmas story! I was actually pleased that it wasn’t too many elves and Santa’s in this story. When it gets too much I don’t really fancy it but you’ll meet some of Santa’s helpers in this book too!

Characterwise I must say that Charlie is great! I mean, haha, you’re talking about a Grinchy person with a humorous twist! Add a bunch of dogs with great and funny personalities into the mix and you have a fabulous Christmas planned! I felt for Charlie several times during this story but I have to say she’s rather solution-oriented and even though she does things her own way the outcome isn’t half bad. My favourite dog must be Malcolm! He is an anxious dog with a great love for his master who is having a love struggle. Malcolm also has some physical struggles which present Charlie with some challenges but he was just so sweet I couldn’t help but adore him! Malcolm also helps Charlie with a mission during the story. After him, I adored the twins, Remus and Romulus. They’re a couple of Malamutes who have an insane love for running and by their descriptions, they’re really fluffy and cute! These two are the guard dogs of the kennel since they live outside all year round and the other dogs prefer to stay inside. You’ll meet the rest of the gang like Peggy, Scubbe, and Charlie with a few more alongside Malcolm, Remus, and Romulus during the book!

Mutts and Mistletoe will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit! This is the kind of book you can curl up with alongside your furry friends and just enjoy from start to finish! You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and I can guarantee to that this will be one of the good Christmas romances you’ll read this year. One of our Norwegian reviewers, Elin who runs the blog, gave this one 4 out of 6 on the dice. If you read Norwegian you can read her review here: .

Thank you Aschehoug Publishing House for sending me this early Christmas present and getting my Christmas spirit going!

Published: 2018

Genre: Romance

Theme: Dogs, love, Christmas

– The Book Reader


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