The Elder Blade Chronicles 1: Blood of the Stallion – R. B. S. Snaith


Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me!

I hope you all are doing well and I’m very pleased to be bringing you this hearty, jolly, and mysterious pirates tale! The synopsis is borrowed from the book:

Years of living on the streets and having to fend for himself have made the young thief Yodrick Alton who he is. However, his world is drastically changed when he encounters the notorious pirate Daxon – Captain of the Iron Stallion.

Now Yoderick will have to adapt to his new lifestyle while secrets from the past threaten to ruin everything. Lies, deceit, and betrayal are all in store for this young pirate, so join him on his quest for truth and read along as he uncovers the secrets of The Elder Blades.

Blood of the Stallion was an easy fantasy read for a bit older readers. The story is unique in many ways and I really enjoyed reading a pirates tale for once. I think the last one I watched (I haven’t really read any pirates stories before) was Pirates of the Caribbean, and I wasn’t too impressed with the last movie. The first movie one can’t help but love. The story is set in a universe known as Issehai and I got a few GOT impression from some of the scenery descriptions which was very amusing. Like the synopsis indicate there are several secrets luring underneath the surface in this story, and I enjoyed every plot twist they brought on. The secrets tied the whole story together in a neat manner which lays a nice groundwork for further books in this series. I’m expecting at least one more book to learn us more about this mysterious Elder Blades which fate we are introduced to only slightly at the end of the book.

Snaith has an ability to make the scenes in the book seem very lively and thus the readers are dragged into a world of fighting, honor codes, and strong friendships. Yodrick in himself is on an interesting journey, both when it comes to getting to understand the world and getting to understand himself. I’m curious to see where he will end up in the future books but I think he has made a good start. Through this book we get to witness how he starts out as a young boy with not much experience of the world except for the one of his hometown. Another intriguing character is Daxon. Right from the start he is very mysterious and runs things in his own way. As we get to know him a bit better throughout the book he presents himself as even more mysterious and secretive, but in many aspects he is a good captain. He has reasons for why he do things the way he does, and in the end we do find out why. I enjoyed Daxon’s character because he brought even more mystery to the story which I think is one of his main purposes. One thing I found rather strange but at the same time amusing was how quickly wounds seemed to heal in this book. Maybe its all the rum and mead that does it? This is pretty much the only thing in the book that I found to be a bit off. Otherwise I’m very pleased with how the book is written.

Blood of the Stallion is a very good start to a promising chronicle. I hope it continues this way and if you are older than 18 and enjoy fantasy books then I really think you’ll like this one. I had a great time reading it and I’m looking forward to the upcoming books!

Published: 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Theme: Pirates, friendships, foes, magic, mystery

– The Book Reader

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