Love’s Long Road – G. D. Harper

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I know I’ve been really absent lately and I also know that I’ve said that for a while now but my life will quieten down soon now which I’m looking forward to. My books have been suffering quite a bit lately! However, now I’ve finished one so its about time you hear from me again! The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

Glasgow, 1975. How do you cope when your boyfriend kills himself because of you?

When Bobbie Sinclair’s boyfriend commits suicide and blames her, she vows never to love again. Instead she chooses to lead a double existence, kind-hearted by day and promiscuous by night. She increasingly struggles to maintain the balance between light and dark and soon finds herself sucked into the world of a controlling and ruthless crime lord from which she must escape.

Love’s Long Road was a positive surprise to say the least! I was expecting something completely else when I started reading it. First of all, it’s easy to read. Maybe except for some of the real Scottish pronunciations in there but I love that in books so I’m rather biased on this point. Second of all, the more I read the more intrigued I became. This is a plot twisting, fascinating, and action filled book. The story builds up nicely and then its like it hits a steep curve, because all of a sudden you feel like you’re on a different track but you’re still with the same characters. I found these steep curves rather interesting because I had NO idea where the story was going to go next. First I got a 50 Shades vibe which I’m glad I was incorrect about because 50 Shades is one of the more shittier series I’ve read in my life to be honest. Then there was a completely different vibe again and like that it went on until the end. I found that entertaining rather than exhausting, because I got to see how Bobbie grew throughout the story and I really enjoyed that whilst reading this book!

Another thing I enjoyed is that it is set in the 70-80’s Scotland. It creates a great backdrop for the story and Harper is very good at letting the time of the ages shine through no matter where Bobbie finds herself. To read about discos and different fashion trends in books like this is rather funny when you’ve only seen pictures of it and grown up in an age where you only hear the stories from that time. My imagination went rather wild in picturing disco outfits, big hair, and now outdated night club decor.

I really felt for Bobbie, our main character, throughout this story! There is so much happening in her life and yet its only a % of what other people go through in comparison. Certain things should never happen and yet they do. The way Harper portrays Bobbie makes her easy to like but it also explains how it is possible for her to end up in the situations she manages to get herself into. What I really liked about this book was it showed how easy it is for young and ambitious people to get sucked into something bad without it sounding like a moral speech. That takes some real skill! I’m almost the same age as Bobbie is of the beginning of this book and I could relate quite a bit to her feelings. As I read on I was able to reflect on how her decisions affected her and some will say that is easy to do since I’m the reader which I agree to because I can’t always say that I make the greatest decisions myself, haha. I think my favorite character, beside Bobbie, is Duncan, Bobbie’s best friend. Imagine to have a friend like that who is always there to help you out even though they sometimes screw up big time. He genuinely cares about Bobbie through all her ups and downs and he can be the force bringing her back to reality when one of her decisions ends up on the wrong path. We need more Duncan’s in this world!

Love’s Long Road is a positive surprise for its readers and not at all what you expect! I had a great time whilst reading this and I’m now intrigued to check out other books by Harper if this is her regular writing style. It’s a book that will entertain both adolescents closer to 20 and those above. Due to some scenes throughout the story I wouldn’t recommend it to readers too young. I hope you’ll like Bobbie as much as I did and in the end I was very pleased with how this book tied itself together. Will recommend!

Author Bio

I was placed third in the 2015 Lightship Prize for first-time authors, won a 2016 Wishing Shelf Award Red Ribbon, been shortlisted at the UK Festival of Writing for Best First Chapter, longlisted in the 2017 UK Novel Writing Competition. In 2017, I was one of twelve authors selected for Authors in the Spotlight at the Bloody Scotland book festival in Stirling, showcasing who they considered to be the best emerging talent in crime fiction, and was the only self-published author to be chosen. I have spoken at numerous other book events, including Blackwells’ Writers at the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; a stand-alone slot at the Byres Road Book Festival in Glasgow, and the Aye Write! Book Festival, also in Glasgow. I went to Glasgow University in 1975 and lived in the city’s West End, the time and place for the setting of the majority of Love’s Long Road.

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2 kommentarer om “Love’s Long Road – G. D. Harper

  1. I really loved your review! Not just for all the nice things you say about my book, but also the insightful, enthusiastic and engaging way you write. Although it was a bit tough reading you describe the 1970s as being such a long ago time. It made me feel really old! 😉

    GD Harper


    1. Thank you so much! So glad you liked it! I had a very good time reading your book 🙂
      For some very weird reason I didn’t get a notification of your comment until now so I’m very sorry about not responding before now!


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