The Seasonal Quartet 2: The Fall Deed – Anders de la Motte


Norwegian title: Høstdåd

Hello my friends!

I’ve finished a great fall read this time! Fall Deed is the perfect book to read as autumn sets in outside. I finished it at 1:30 am because when I reached the last 2-300 pages I had some serious issues with putting it down! It’s the first book I’m reading by this author but I already know that I’ll read the others in this series, four in total, and the books to come. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads and translated by me:

On a late summer’s evening in 1990 five friends are camping at their secret spot in the woods which is a closed down quarry in Skåne, Sweden. High school graduation is behind them and the life as grown-ups await them. They’re in a festive mood but at the same time they’re aware that this might be their last time camping together. They’re saying goodbye to their youth. When the sun rises in the morning and the first fall rain is falling there is a body floating in the quarry-water. The police deems it as a tragic accident but not everyone is pleased with the police’s ruling.

The Fall Deed had me glued to the pages from the very beginning. After reading it I can’t believe that I haven’t picked it up before! The language and atmosphere catches you right away when you open this book and then the story early present itself as interesting and intriguing. Whilst reading, I experienced that the excitement of the book stayed with me all through the story. Everything starts out in the fall of 1990 and then we alter between this year and the fall of 2017. In each perspective we are presented to different characters who all bring aspects into the story. I really liked that there was no «extra» characters thrown in just because. It always annoys me when there seems to be an extra character or two without any purpose in the story except for being an extra character. Anyway, the changes are easy to follow and the number of relevant characters makes it easy for the reader to stick with the story and enjoy it to the fullest. In terms of the atmosphere in this book, I have to say that I particularly enjoyed how de la Motte has been able to present the so called ‘village mindset’ in this book. If you’re from a village yourself or experienced living in one, then you know what I’m talking about. In Norwegian we call it ‘bydgedyr’ which is roughly translated to ‘villageanimal’. The whole ‘everybody knows everybody’, everything affect each other within the community, and nobody ever forgets an unfamiliar event is just so perfectly described in this book that it brings everything together on a wider level and as a perfect backdrop for this story. I even had to chuckle a few times whilst reading because sometimes these attitudes amounts to the almost ridicule.

I have to do a bit of bragging guys, I’m sorry, but I’ve given up on my detective skills whilst reading crime novels because they are so poor as you very well know if you’ve read my blog a while, but my skills actually came in handy whilst I was reading the story. I was able to guess something before it was revealed! The moral is: never stop doubting your inner detective skills, haha! Ok, back to the book. Let’s talk about characters. The main character’s name is Anna (how Swedish can you get it?) and again an author has decided to put a strong female characters in the middle of it all. Still loving that! Anna is curious, stubborn, and smart which is all the right characteristics for her job. I’m not going to say too much about the other characters because that would spoil too much but I found them all to fit the story like we’ve already talked a bit about. The way the characters are portrayed is very well formulated. Sometimes their actions will activate your inner detective and in this way de la Motte keeps his reader engaged on top of everything else he manages to do through this book! More about that when you’ve read it.

The Fall Deed is truly a great crime novel! It has all the aspects I, and many others according to Goodreads, are looking for in a crime novel. It’s intriguing, exciting, engaging, and very well formulated. The story holds its readers glued to the pages from start to finish and gives you the impression that the book just fly by. I really enjoyed reading this book and I really want to tell you all there is to know about it but that would spoil so much of the fun for you guys reading it so I’ll leave this review here. If you’ve read it, let me know and we’ll gossip, and if you haven’t read it then you know which book to pick up the next time you’re looking a truly remarkable crime novel.

Published: 2018

Genre: Crime novel

Theme: Friends, secret, mystery

The Book Reader

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