Penelope Plant Saves the Bees – Stine Heggedal

Norwegian title: Tante Plante redder biene

Hi guys!

I’m kicking off my summer holidays with a children’s book review which is long overdue!  I’m still awaiting the final judgment from my bonus niece who is currently not old enough to follow the story, but who highly appreciates the drawings and colors for now! Thank you Stine Heggedal and Kolon Publishing House for this copy! The synopsis is borrowed from Bokklubben:

A monster is destroying the bees’ flower patches. Balder Bee writes a letter to Penelope Plant and asks for help. She hurries to Bjørkeby and brings help with her on the way. Will they manage to create a new flower patch in time? 

This story is creative and fun with great drawings and colors! Even I at the age of 24 were excited about the drawings. There is also a horse involved in the story which is always a great recipe for a story according to me, myself and I. Include some magic in this mix and both you and your young child is sure to be excited ^.^

If I was three years old again I’m pretty sure I would be excited about all the flowers on the pages. Maybe also a little scared of the monster, but the monster isn’t too terrifying, but maybe have a teddy bear around when you get to that part of the story. However, I can understand why the bees find the monster scary! I wouldn’t like it if someone took away my food and livestock either.

Penelope Plant is perfect for children who need a good bedtime story. It is sure to excite your young child with its brilliant drawings and exciting storyline. I really should have a child around to give it a proper rating, but you’ll have to do with mine for the time being, and I’ll check in with you again when my bonus niece has heard the story too!

Published: 2019

Genre: Children book

Theme: Environment, friendship

– The Book Reader

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