The Devils Cut – Tuva Tovslid

Norwegian title: Djevelhogget

Hello guys and happy weekend!

I hope you are enjoying yourself and have plenty of time to read! I, on the other hand, is anxiously waiting for May 15th to arrive. That’s when I’ll hand in my bachelor-thesis and be done with my degree!

Ada works as a librarian. That’s what her life has reduced itself to after she broke it off with her boyfriend. She works, sleep, eats fast food and then the cycle repeats itself while she’s all alone. She’s tried and bored with her life, and she’s trapped inside her own head. One day a strange looking specimen stumbles into her library and it’s the beginning of Ada’s greatest adventure. Now she has to pick herself up and get out of her own head.

The Devils Cut is an interesting book in many aspects. Firstly, there are several ways to read this book. It is interesting to read it as a psychology student because I started to look for aspects that I know from psychology and there are quite a few hidden in between the lines. A lot of good mental techniques with the help from a friend is to be found in this book and it was fun searching for and discovering them! I know the author studied the same as me so that might also be a reason for it. Another way to read it is from an outdoorsy perspective. There is a lot of hiking and camping in this book and I believe that if you are into the outdoors you’ll like it very much. There is a lot of detail which I think an outdoorsy person will like (as you probably understand, I’m not one of them haha). Then the third way to read it is just straight forward. This way might not provide you with the same kind of story as for the other two. The Devils Cut doesn’t have a lot of action in it, but it builds steadily up to a climax and then BOM! It’s the way it’s built up that will excite the reader, no matter which way you read it.

Ada, our main character, is so much like me when it comes to the outdoors! I really enjoy being outside and stuff, when it happens on my premises like Ada…..and of course nature doesn’t always comply with that. She, like me, enjoy the outdoors most of the time and I really enjoyed tagging along with her on her mental journey towards an achievement. My reaction is very much the same as Ada’s when things don’t go our way and that made her a very relatable character for me. I always enjoy finding those characters!  They give you a new perspective on things and give you the change to, maybe, see yourself through someone else’s eyes. That might be attractive or it may not, but worst case scenario you can laugh at it.

The book is an easy read and flows well. I would love to have a bit more action some times, but the lack of it doesn’t ruin my reading experience of this book. The sentences are short and simple. There are not any complicated words and that makes for a pleasant Sunday read when your brain is tired from the week and you need a good story to entertain you. I feel like I’ve said this a lot lately and I assume that its because I’m so stressed out and tired from my bachelor-thesis that I need relaxing and easy reads right now.

The Devils Cut is a very good debutant novel! Its strongest feature is that it can be read from different perspectives and give the reader a different experience depending on which one. I really liked it and if you enjoy adventure books with a psychological twist then I say you should go for this one!

Published: 2018

Genre: Adventure

Theme: Personal development, mental health, friends

– The Book Reader


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