Father Figure – James Cudney

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I feel like I’m on a real reading roll these days if you exclude my technical difficulties of course. I read this book on my way to school, and then when I went to visit my boyfriend this weekend I brought my Kindle with me so I could continue reading it after finishing 1968 by Jan Guillou.

Brianna Porter lives the life of a teenage girl in New York City. She lives with her mother but has never known her father. She feels desperate to know something about him or the rest of her family. She knows nothing about her grandparents, its always been just her and her mother. Her best friend Shanelle wants to help, but Shanelle is another confusing factor in Brianna’s life. She doesn’t quite know how she feels about Shanelle. When the time comes to leave for college Brianna believes that she is ready to make her own decisions and continue the search for her father, but the path to find him seems blocked by way too many secrets, more than she ever expected there would be. 

Amalia Graeme grew up a small town down south called Brant. Her mother has abused her for as long as she’s known and after her brother went to college she doesn’t have any friends. She is desperate to get out of Brant and be far away from her mother and her desolate hometown. When Amalia’s brother returns from college bringing his best mate to stay for the summer Amalia begins to experience things she’s never felt or thought about before. Amalia starts to believe that maybe her hopes and dreams about life will come true and that she is on her way far away from Brant. 

I enjoyed Father Figure. I found it a little slow in the beginning, but that picked up really quickly! When you get into the book you get the sense that there is too much action going on. I sometimes thought throughout the book ‘Jees, it can’t get worse now!’ then I would turn a few pages and BAM there it was – worse. Then there would be parts where there was less action and I would think ‘Where did the action go?’. I think the action parts sometimes take over the story, and my reason for stating this is that I sometimes struggled to follow the story because so much was going on all at ones. It didn’t throw me off, but you know when you are in a big crowd of people and you just space out and don’t hear anything? Some parts were a bit like that for me.

That being said I love the way Cudney leaves subtle hints around the book. I would read something that didn’t seem important at the time, and only later realize that there was a connection. Several plot twists in this book came around by this way of writing, and this brings me to the most incredible part of this book; the plot twists! I can say right away that there is a few, but they really make the book so you won’t regret them being there. The first one completely threw me off my trail! I was so sure I had figured out how the story was going to end and how it all fitted together and out of nowhere – BAM plot twist! I wasn’t too far off in the end, but you know, when you try to solve the book because it is intriguing and you don’t quite manage it then there is some good writing going on. As a psychology student, I really enjoyed the psychological themes displayed in the book. They are semi-obvious depending on how well acquainted you are with psychology. Mr. Freud manages to sneak in everywhere in my life…..

Speaking of psychology; Amalia’s mother, Janet, must be one of the more psychological abuser characters I’ve read about in my life. The way she treats Amalia and Amalia’s father are just beyond anything human. I got so upset with her on several occasions and just wished for her to have some sense of humanity, but that seemed a bit farfetched. Janet is an example of the kind of parent who torments their child and thus damages their child for the rest of their life. Janet’s words stay with Amalia all her life and she can hear them most clearly when life has turned against her and she’s down. I think this is typical for people. We remember the negative things people have said about us, but we remember them especially when we’re in a bad state of mind. I think I’ll let the other characters rest because you’ll discover all their quirks while reading the book. I just had to talk about Janet because she irked me so much!

Father Figure is a really good book, especially if you like a book with different angles and parallel stories. It’s full of action, but you still have to pay attention. I wouldn’t say this is the kind of book you read for a relaxing Sunday unless you like very action filled books for your Sunday’s. Everyone is different after all! James Cudney has written other books as well, so check him out on Goodreads if you pick this one up and enjoy it!

Published: 2018

Genre: Mystery

Theme: Family, secrets, LGBT

– The Book Reader


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