The Sentinel Trilogy 3: Splinter – Joshua Winning


Hi guys!

This trilogy took me a very short time to finish! I read all three books within the month of August! But because the internet is stupid it turned out that the review wasn’t even posted, so I’ll give it another go (one month later!). They are so good and thrilling to read so one simply cannot stop reading this trilogy when started. The synopsis is borrowed from Goodreads:

“All who stand against us shall perish”

The critically acclaimed Sentinel Trilogy comes to a thrilling conclusion in this final instalment of the dark fantasy series.

The world is falling apart around Nicholas Hallow. Amid rumours that the Dark Prophets have returned, a deathly gloom pollutes England, unleashing a savage hoard of nightmare creatures. Fighting the tide of evil, Nicholas returns home to Cambridge, where an old ally helps him seek out the mysterious Skurkwife, who could help Nicholas stop Malika and the Prophets for good.

Meanwhile, Sam Wilkins unites the Sentinels against the forces of darkness, but with Jessica’s sanity slipping, and Isabel suspicious of her shadowy past, it’s a battle that could cost the Sentinels everything.

So, uhm, well I’m done with this trilogy now. That sounds very negative, but it’s not, I promise! It is kinda strange to be done because I didn’t want this series to end! The story comes to a close at the perfect point, it couldn’t have been any longer without ruining the awesomeness, but a sequel wouldn’t be a bad idea. I don’t quite know what it would have been about, but I feel like I don’t know enough about the Sentinel universe to let it go just yet. Maybe something about the universe before the current story? A backdrop of some sort? As long as there are more talking cats, I’ll be happy!

Splinter is so filled with action. There is action on every page, but it is well balanced with emotion. We get to know Nicholas even more in this book and it feels like you’re watching a little nephew or a younger brother growing up with the speed of light. That’s how much I feel that Nicholas changes within the three books. Some of the decisions he has to make throughout this final book, and some of the things he has to witness, just build a picture of him as a really strong character. Talking about characters. Isabel is still my favourite by far! If you haven’t read the other books yet I won’t spoil anything, BUT she is a delight in herself. BUT! Mr. Winning! Some of your characters! Man, I was heartbroken! So many emotions going on while reading this book. Isn’t that the sign of a great author though? That you get so involved with the characters that it makes you angry when they don’t get the treatment you prefer? I think it is, so on that note, Winning does a really good job!

What I truly enjoy with this book is that you cannot foresee the way the story is going to end until you get to the end. There were so many plot twists and they made perfect sense when you finished the book! While reading you might feel a little lost, along with Nicholas, but all these loose ends tie together in a neat and pretty bow at the end. This is what I truly enjoy with Winning’s writing style! The writing is so well done and I haven’t found any holes that leave the story hanging if you know what I mean? I find it really hard to write about this book without spoiling anything so I’m trying to talk my way around it without spoiling too much.

My whole experience with this trilogy has been amazing! I’ve loved every single book, which doesn’t happen often because generally, one book in a series will let you down, but not this time though! I’ll say it again; If you haven’t read this trilogy yet, throw yourself on Amazon or Book Depository to order them and get started now!

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Published: 2018

Genre: Fantasy

Theme: Monster, heroes, gods, war

– The Book Reader


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