The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

Hi book lovelies!

I’ve owned this book forever. I got it from one of my best girlfriends several years ago for my birthday, and I just haven’t read it before now. Strange how that happens sometimes!

Eve and Ed Gallagher has just moved to New York from England. Ed got a promotion at work and Eve is excited about the city, although she misses her friends and house at home. Shortly after moving into the building Eve meets Violet, an old lady with lots of energy and perspective on life. 

Kim and Jason have been married for several years. Their daughter, Avery, is two years old. They’ve slowly been falling apart after Avery’s birth. Kim doesn’t recognize them anymore, neither does Jason. 

Rachel is pleased with her life. She has a good husband, three lovely children and the best nanny. Rachel manages everything. She runs every morning, she organizes all their lives and her career is good. What could be better than that? 

This is the kind of book that throws the characters at you from the start. Lots of names and no connection between the dots, except for that they all live in the same building. There is a register at the front of the book, but certain readers (aka me) don’t read them. This produces some self-inflicted confusion. Noble helps you out though. Instead of chapters, there are sections with the names of the characters above them so you understand from whose perspective you’re reading. I have to admit I was a little confused by Jason, Jackson and David at first, but you soon figure them all out. What I found pleasant and brain cell tickling was that sometimes mid-chapter the perspective changes. So for a few pages, you might be reading Eve’s perspective, but then suddenly it changes to Ed’s perspective. It is not much, but it makes the reading more interesting and fun.

So far as reading this book is quite easy and pleasant. There is a lot of emotion which I suppose is typical since it is a feel good/romantic novel. I found it funny to the point where I laughed out loud on a few occasions, which is always nice. It is the way Noble describes certain things that make her reader laugh. Noble describes her characters really well, and my personal favourite was Violet, the old lady. She sounds like the kind of bad-ass grandmother you’d love to have and would love to be around as a friend. I love that we get to hear her story during the book (I’ll say no more)! I think there is a lot of people around the world who share Violet’s fate. People who learn from a long life, but that there is no one left, or interested, to hear their story. I think that in today’s society we sometimes forget that our elders can teach us something valuable with their lessons from life. Of course, there are elders who don’t want to tell for many different reasons, but those who want to share should be listened to. This book shows this in a very graceful way in my opinion.

This is a very typical vacation read for me. It is simple, funny and romantic and doesn’t require a whole lot from the reader except enjoying the story and its plot. Recommended if you need something easy and good for a beach day!

Published: 2009

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Love, family, loss, New York City

– The Book Reader


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