The Seven Sisters 4: The Pearl Sister – Lucinda Riley


Hi guys!

Sorry for my absence! I’m hoping to be back stronger now. I know I’ve said that a few times, but you know, life tends to happen like 24/7. I finally finished the last book in The Seven Sister’s series! I’m already super excited and can’t wait for the next release.

CeCe D’Aplièse is one of seven sisters who all are named after a special star in a special zodiac. Common for all sisters is that they are adopted and they know nothing about their past before their father picked them up from all around the world. CeCe has always felt on the outside of her family. After the death of her father, she’s left with a black-and-white photograph, a name of a woman and a quotation her father believed would suit her. With a few stops along the way and a few unexpected friendships, CeCe is on her way to a country she has never wanted to visit in the hope of finding her birth family. Finally, she’ll understand why she never fitted in anywhere else. 

I always wonder how an author is able to write several good books in a row. Normally, two or three books in a series are good, but this is the fourth amazing book in this series, and I can’t wait for the autumn when the next book is released. What I really like about this book is all the new information I learned about CeCe’s new homeland. Riley says under ‘Author’s note’ that there might be some mistakes and wrong interpretations within the book concerning certain matters, but none the less I find the information well formulated and well written. The historical period that the book is based upon is not very known to me, I know it slightly in the terms of Western World fashion, but no further than that. The main historical part of the plot was totally unknown to me and I believe this is another reason why I enjoyed the book so much! I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to risk any spoilers, hehe.

CeCe’s history is the one I enjoyed the most in the sense of how her character develops during the book. It is almost like watching a flower to use a line from Mulan; She’s a late bloomer, but when she blooms she’s the most beautiful of them all. CeCe has so many sides to her, and many are hard to grasp at the beginning of the book, but as she works her way into her own family history it is like she scrapes layer after layer away until we see the beautiful pearl that is hidden underneath. Through reading CeCe’s story I also got a little more insight on the art world. Personally, I don’t have a creative bone in my body, at least not art creative, but I think it is interesting to learn about natives and how they show their culture through art. For many natives, this is how they are able to keep their story alive, and I believe many of us are blind to it unless we have an eye or an interest in it. I have to say that I don’t understand too much when CeCe talks about painting techniques, but, at least to me, it isn’t something that takes away the focus of the story. I would say it is a very important part of it all.

Another aspect with this book is the many high’s of excitement within the story. I had a hard time putting the book down once I had a proper sit-down and started to read. There are many sections of the book where you feel the excitement almost jumping off the pages and I just had to read a bit more, and then a bit more, but I never tired of the excitement. Sometimes there can be too much excitement, but not this time. All the excitement kept me intrigued about what was to come next, and when the book slows down for a little while it feels good and proper in terms of how the story has progressed.

I highly recommend this series to everyone who asks me about series. I feel they fit for everyone who is interested in historical fiction. If you haven’t read The Seven Sisters yet be sure to pick up the book about Maia, Ally, and Star first because you don’t want to miss out on any of them. The next book is due in the autumn like I said, and I can hardly wait!

Published: 2017

Genre: Historical fiction

Theme: Family, love, travel

– The Book Reader

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