I’ll give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson

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Sorry for the absence, but as I’ve said on my Instagram account, I have exam season, so sadly I don’t get as much reading done as I want too. Only 18 days left until I’m a free student elf!

Jude and Noah are twins. They are inseparable and they always play some kind of game seeing who can beat the other. The play Rock-Paper-Scissors, Who Would You Rather Save and many others, but as they grow older they start to compete more and more for their mother’s affection. When disaster hits and drives them apart they have to learn that love is only half the story and that even a good person can make some pretty bad choices in order to save their own skin. Sometimes by hiding a secret or sometimes by protecting themselves or the people around them. As new people enter their lives and they grow older they seem to be further apart than ever. Will they ever reconcile with each other and become close again?

The reason for why this book gets the highest remark from me is because of the way it makes me feel intrigued while reading it. From the very first page I was intrigued by this story without quite knowing why. I just had to continue reading it, you know the feeling right? For a long time, I didn’t see where the story was going, why it was built up the way it was or how the story would ever make sense, but I had to keep on reading because I wanted to know how it ended. This being said the writing style is not the easiest at times, but as you read you kind of get the hang of it. Once I realized and managed to comprehend that we were not following Jude and Noah at the same age, stuff started to fall into place for me. This is possibly my only issue with the story simply because I sometimes found it hard t follow the shift in the story. I didn’t always find it to be a smooth exchange.

As you understand this story is written from two different points of view; Jude’s and Noah’s. They are both teenagers, in their stories they are 13 and 15, and there is stuff happening with them, feelings are everywhere and they are both rebelling in their own ways. This another, similar, reason for why I enjoy this book. Nelson was able to make me relate to the characters on an emotional level. We’ve all been through puberty in one way or another which makes possible to relate emotionally to all the chaos going on inside the twins (I’m sorry for not saying more, but that would spoil too much and we don’t want that). Personally, I was fascinated by how much Nelson was able to make me relate to Jude and Noah. The way she describes feelings and makes them come alive is quite incredible!

I would strongly recommend this book to people! The storyline isn’t of the life-changing kind, but the book still creeps under your skin and captures you in a very special way!

Btw, rumour has it that it’s going to be a film? Which actors would you like to see as Jude and Noah if you are familiar with the story?

Published: 2015

Genre: Young Adult

Theme: Family, love, puberty, art

– The Book Reader

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