PS. I love you – Cecelia Ahern

Good afternoon guys!

Another book was finished this week! I’m now on 14 out of 40 books in my Goodreads reading challenge. My goodness, maybe I will be able to make all four books?! Haha, I thought my boyfriend was crazy when he suggested it.

In Dublin’s fair city! Holly Kennedy is married, she is happy, she has wonderful friends, a great home and an amazing husband. One day it changes abruptly. Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumour and suddenly Holly finds herself as a widow. Before he died it was a standing joke that Holly wouldn’t know what to do with herself if Gerry ever passed away or weren’t with her. This is how ‘The List’ came to be. Two months after Gerry passed away Holly’s parents receives a package addressed to Holly and within is ‘The List’. Gerry kept his promise and for the next ten months, Holly will have to fulfil the tasks Gerry has given her. Every single letter is signed PS. I love you. 

This is quite a charming book in its own funny, sad, and sweet way. Ahern writes very well and she knows how to incorporate people’s feelings into the writing and make them relatable to her readers. This is sometimes quite difficult and I felt like I could understand where Holly was coming from in certain situations. When you read this book you can somehow relate to Holly’s feelings after the loss of Gerry. We all know the feeling of losing someone, but it is proven that one of the most traumatic experiences to our emotional life is the loss of a life partner. The list is helping Holly through her grieving and I have to say that there are several quite clever, hilarious and stupid ideas on that list. If I ever get married I think I want a marriage along the same lines as Holly and Gerry’s. It sounds so much fun.

The characters in this book are so diverse! Holly’s family sounds like quite a mess, but I love how they all come together in the end. In total, I think they are five kids whom all have quite different personalities and that always makes for some fun family dinners. Some of them we witness in the book and I had to smile on some occasions. I was actually suspecting the faith of one of them and I was proved right. That’s always fun! Most of Holly’s family is removed from the movie, which made me quite sad because I was excited to see how it would turn out.

There is a film based on this book and to be honest, the first time I saw it I fell asleep. It was released in 2007 and if you’ve read my posts for a while I suppose you’ve caught on that I’m rarely extremely supportive of the movies based on books. Well, while watching this movie I came to the decision with myself that I have to look at the movies and books as two possible separate things. You can watch this movie and not have read the book, but for me, who has read the book, it was kinda just another chickflick (girlmovie). I really do like the actors they’ve picked out to play Holly and Gerry! One can never say no to Gerard Butler with an Irish accent! Hilary Swank does an amazing job as Holly. She portrays the feelings from the book so well and I really enjoy watching her performance. Haha, even better is the fact that one of Holly’s best friends is played by Lisa Kudrow. For me, she will always be Phoebe from Friends, but my goodness she is hilarious in this movie! You can’t help but laugh!

What I feel like I missed in this movie is that several of the characters I really enjoyed from the book was removed as I mentioned above. This was most definitely the biggest bummer and they’ve also changed the story so some of my favourite parts of the book were removed, but like I said I have to start viewing the books and movies as two separate things. Although (#minispoiler) the movie is set in New York City while the book is set in Dublin and this has to be my biggest issue! I was so excited to see a movie from Dublin and I thought it was filmed in Dublin until they mentioned The Upper and Lower East Side and I realized that it wasn’t filmed in Dublin at all but in NYC! Well, I suppose if that’s all I really can complain about then it wasn’t so bad, haha. In my head when I see that a movie is based on the book I imagine the book in movie version with a few alterations, and how often I’m disappointed haha. So maybe I’ll be able to alter my own views in the nearest future.

You can find the movie trailer here: PS. I love you

Published: 2004

Genre: Novel

Theme: Love, loss, family, friends

– The Book Reader

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