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Hi guys!

I just re-read The Notebook and I did not remember it to be as good as I found it this time! Last time I read it my English skills weren’t even close to what they are now so I think that has something to do with it. Did you guys know that there were two books in the series about The Notebook? I didn’t, but I have the second book so I’ll be moving on to that shortly.

Noah Calhoun is just graduated from high school the summer he meets Allie, his Allie. He is a country boy who likes poetry and reading. He likes beauty and he enjoys the simple things in life like fishing, canoeing, watching birds and look at the sunrise. Allie is Southern belle upper class and according to her parents, especially her mother, Noah is not worth her. Allie doesn’t care for she cares for Noah as much as he cares for her. Summer comes to an end and after it, the Second World War follows. Noah never stops loving Allie, can you ever escape the loves of your past? 

I understand why this book has been acknowledged as one of the greatest love stories of all time. It has everything; aching emotions, moments of separation, loss, reunion and a fight for true love. This all sounds very cliche, but I think you need the cliche aspect to actually write a love story that you can just get lost in. I got totally lost in this story even though I’ve seen the movie up to several times. I think what I love most about this book, and also the movie is the way the characters have been built up. Noah is the most loving and caring husband who shows such great love for his wife even though she can’t remember. Even as a young man he cared so much simply because he knew that Allie was his one true love. Allie is fierce with a lively spirit and she speaks her mind in an open and clear way. I find that refreshing in a character. I sometimes lose interest in mythical characters, either because I can’t crack them or because my brain just doesn’t want to/can’t cope with everything that is hidden beneath the lines of the story. In the movie, Noah is played by Ryan Gosling. An excellent choice in my opinion. I think he plays his character best when he returns from the war and is all scruffy and alone. The way Gosling is able to get the feelings within the character across is so admirable! Rachel McAdams plays the role of Allie as a young girl and I love her flirty style of portraying her character. I think she adds small important elements to it that makes the character of Allie as a whole quite amazing. She plays with such a passion, and especially is the Ferris wheel scene where she looks like she is about to murder Noah whilst amused and shocked by his behaviour is just great.

The book and movie differ somewhat, and for some reason, this doesn’t bother me. I get chills when I watch the trailer for this movie so I think I will have to see it sometime very soon in between my studies. What I also love about this movie is that it is set in the 1930s and 40s. It is my favourite time period as you all may know by now, but other than war history, I love the fashion during that period. I wish we would still dress like they did back then. The men looking all dandy and smart while the lines of the women’s dresses were so neatly cut. I’m no fashionista, but it is just something about that style that speaks to me.

Without preparing it, I was reading this book on Valentine’s Day last week which I found to be quite fitting. If you haven’t read this book or read it a long time ago I strongly recommend that you give it a read or a re-read!

The Notebook: The Notebook – Trailer

Released: 2004

Genre: Novel

Theme: Love, Alzheimer

– The Book Reader

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