Bird Tribunal – Agnes Ravatn

Norwegian title: Fugletribunalet

Hi guys!

I’m surprising myself! My third book before we’ve reached the 10th! This book was different in a good way. Not full of excitement, but it still keeps you entertained while you read it.

Allis runs away from public life after a scandal at work. She cannot show her face anymore. Everyone knows what happened. When an advertisement pops up in the newspaper requesting a gardener and kitchen help in a quiet part of the country Allis decides to take it. Her employer is a quiet man by the name of Sigurd. He requests her to make his food, clean the house and look after the garden. His wife is nowhere to be seen. Allis finds the peace she seeks and her soul begins to heal. There is something stirring in the house that she doesn’t quite understand, and while the garden is growing and blooming, so is something else. 

I don’t quite know how to explain this book. What is certainly don’t understand is its name, but maybe there is something beneath the lines that I didn’t quite grasp. There is one episode during the book where I thought I understood what it was and I can see a possible connection to the name of the book and that episode, but I’m not sure its right. What is for certain is that if I were to explain it to you guys I would spoil way too much about the book, and where is the fun in that?

You could ask what I liked about it. I think it is the mystery of the whole book that I like. There is no obvious direction of this book. It could go around the world for all you know, although I can spoil for you that it doesn’t. It is a book about two souls who are hiding from the world because of two terrible secrets and their bond. Ravatn is extremely good at hiding the obvious and makes it mysterious hence making the story enchanting. While I read it I wondered why I enjoyed it so much, because it lacked what I normally like in a good book, but then I think that was just what I enjoyed. It engaged my thoughts and made, or I tried, to make connections that I thought was logical. Sometimes I was correct and sometimes I was wrong.

Sorry, this turned into a babbling, but like I said it is a hard book to explain. I can either go on forever engaging in my thoughts about it, or keep it short and hope that you will understand what I’m trying to say when you read the book yourself. If I were to summarize it in verbs I think it would be the following; enchanting, calm, mysterious, and sad.

Published: 2013

Genre: Novel

Theme: Sadness, healing

– The Book Reader

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