Calendar Girl 12: December – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys!

December is here! The last book is upon me and I loved it!

This month Mia’s job for the TVshow sends her to Aspen on an art mission. The artist Mia is supposed to interview, among others, seems to be a little suspicious. It was paid for by an anonymous whom wants Mia to interview local artists in Aspen. Christmas is getting closer and Mia and Wes decide to celebrate at Wes’ family house with both their families. Everyone arrives in Aspen and are ready for a festive season, but one day Mia thinks she sees someone she hasn’t seen many years. A person who left her and her family so many years ago seems to show up out of thin air. 

Aaaaaand there goes more drama! I had just landed after October, but that only lasted for so long haha. This month is built up almost like a crime novel. There are cryptic clues all over and then BOM it hits you in your face like it was obvious all along. It’s kind of like a Poirot novel. I liked it although I called it in my last post! Read it and you will understand what I mean!

What have I enjoyed most about this series? I think it is the fact that Mia makes me laugh out loud whether I’m reading it or listening to the audiobooks. Do you guys even realize how stupid it looks with earbuds in your ears and randomly you burst out laughing because your audiobook is so funny? Yeah, that’s been me quite a few times while reading/listening to this series. Since I’m a sucker for love stories I’ve also loved this entire love story because that is what this is. It’s not only a love story between Mia and Wes but between a whole family, both old and new. There is so much affection and so much love in this series when you start looking at it from a more distant perspective. I have also enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t always tell what was going to happen during each month. Would it be a calm month? Was it going to be a month full of drama? Some months have been easier to guess than others and that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? I have also quite enjoyed witnessing how Mia has changed from January to December. It is quite a change and it has been fun to witness.

In total, I would recommend people to read this series. It is fun, different and erotic in its own ways, but mostly fun.

Released: 2015

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Family, Christmas

– The Book Reader

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