Calendar Girl 11: November – Audrey Carlan



In America, November is the month of Thanksgiving. Norway doesn’t have Thanksgiving, but I did Friendsgiving this year and that was very nice! I should try to make that a thing every year.

Life, love and laughter – Finally Mia has everything she has ever wished for on Thanksgiving. She has also landed a permanent job working for Century Production with the celebrity host. She is still looking for beauty in everyday life America and she invites some old friends to come onto the show. Wes is doing better, but he is still working on his PTSD and meeting Mia’s old friends does both good and get him on edge. Mia and Wes travel to both New York City and Miami this month to do interviews with Mason Murphy from Boston Red Sox and Latin Lov-ah. While things seem to be perfect, Mia is still missing something in her life that she didn’t expect she would miss. 

This story is just full of early holiday bliss. I feel like the series is now slower again, but you can tell that there is something going on under the surface of everything. I have a very strong feeling that this book builds up for the last book in the series. I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with Mia’s mother whom so far has been MIA (missing in action) for the entire series. We’ve only heard about her on certain occasions and not with a pleasant tone to it either. It would certainly be interesting to get the full story of why she left her family when Mia was a baby. There seem to be small hints and clues shredded around during this months story.

This whole series is now coming towards the end and it’s kind of weird. There has been so much going on. Some months have been slower while some I’ve barely been able to put down. I’m excited to see where it ends, but I have a feeling it will be a happy ending. I hope so at least.

Released: 2015

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Family, love, friends, Thanksgiving

– The Book Reader

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