Calendar Girl 10: October – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys!

Coming towards the end of Calendar Girl and Christmas is right around the corner! 4 days left until December!

Mia is in Hollywood this month. This time she is supposed to be a part of a TV-show for a well-known celebrity TV-host. Her job is to look for beauty in the everyday life of America. Wes is back home and he is struggling with his life after what he went through in Asia. Mia feels the responsibility for him but doesn’t quite know how to help him all the time. Since Mia and Wes now live together Mia becomes a part of his experience in a closed environment and she tries her best to help him out. Her new job becomes one way for Wes to get back into what he loves. 

I think this month is a great follow-up to all the drama of the last two months in this series. We witness the aftermath of the drama in Asia that Wes was involved in. This month the focus kind of shifts from being only revolving around Mia to also include Wes. The way Mia handles Wes’ struggles is somewhat strange in my opinion, but it turns out to work and isn’t that what it all boils down to in some aspects? If you struggle mentally and you find a way to work through it without harming anyone or yourself, then why not go for it? If people think your way is weird, then let them think so, as long as you are able to find a solution that works for you and makes you feel better.

I also love what Mia does with her job this month. It is so important to find small things in a stressful world that are beautiful. It may be an act, it may be something you have or something else, but I think Mia’s pick for the first episode is just great. The way Carlan portrays it in the book makes it so easy to visualize it. I can see it happening before my inner eye and I think that is so nice. When you read you always, or at least I always, visualize something in your mind through the way the author explains something. Sometimes the descriptions are so good that you simply have to read and the picture appears in your mind. Other times the descriptions are less helpful so your imagination gets free rains to roam around and create what the description doesn’t include. It makes for some interesting combinations sometimes, at least in my head.

Released: 2015

Genre: Romantic Novel

Theme: Family, PTSD, beauty

– The Book Reader

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