Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell 1: True Believer – Nicholas Sparks


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I hope you are enjoying the last days of fall and are getting ready for December! I’m working on my essays in the hope that I can submit them before Christmas so I can have my break in peace. I want to spend it with family, friends and books.

Jeremy Marsh works as a science journalist and his speciality is discovering the truth behind supernatural things. He was born a sceptic and is not easily shaken. he has received a letter about a so-called haunted cemetery in Boone Creek, North Carolina. He believes that there could be a good story hidden behind this letter and decides to pursue it. When he arrives in town he seeks out the sender of the letter, not knowing that this will be the start of something that’s going to flip his world upside down. Her name is Lexie Darnell and she will make Jeremy rethink the entire purpose of his trip. 

I’ve read a few Nicholas Sparks’ novels lately and I find this one different than the other ones. It might be because I somehow relate to it on a personal level or simply because I think Sparks has done something different this time. I feel like this one stands out from the previous ones that I’ve read. It has a different feel to it. At first, I felt that it started out kind of slowly, but it picked itself up quite nicely and I sped through it when I just sat down with it. That is something I truly appreciate with Sparks’ books, that they are so easy to read and the pages just seem to fly by when you just sit yourself down. The story in itself is a pleasant love story and it tackles an issue that several couples have to make a stand on; Where to live when you are in a committed relationship if you are from different places? It is easy enough if one of the parts are willing to move, but what if both want to stay in their place? Who is then to sacrifice their place? I think Jeremy makes a nice statement when he says; «What if I didn’t see it as a sacrifice?». That’s something to think about, isn’t it? Wouldn’t that be a great sign of love?

I like the characters in this book. They seem to come alive from the pages and I can hear Lexie’s snappy comments in my head and Jeremy’s somewhat cocky replies. I find them funny and very well fitted into the story. I also love the character of Lexie’s grandmother, Doris. She seems like quite a charm and you get that caring grandma feeling when you read about her. I can for some reason not picture her as an old woman, but rather a woman in her late 50’s even though that’s not possible considering the age of Lexie. Funny how your mind does that sometimes.

You’ll have a good time reading this book, I’m quite sure about it.

Released: 2006

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Family, work, love, North Carolina

– The Book Reader

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