Calendar Girl 8: August – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys!

I’m continuing this journey and it will soon be at an end. We have now reached the month of August.

Mia is headed for the cowboy state of Texas. This time she is going to play the part of a lost sister of an oil tycoon, Maxwell Cunningham. Max’s father passed away and left a testament that left half of the company to a lost sister that no one has heard about; a sister named Mia Saunders. If Max doesn’t find his sister before the year is over then half of his company will pass over to greedy investors that might try to destroy it. Mia arrives in Texas and lives with Max and his family, following him to the office to learn of a trade she has no idea how works. She starts to fall in love with his family and she stars to realize for real how broken her own family is, but Mia is in for the shock of her life. 

This book is the biggest surprise! When you read it you are starting to see a pattern developing, and by the time I was done with this month I knew I had been right all along, but yet again there is always the fun of reading when you suspect something, but you don’t understand how it will progress. I enjoyed reading this month quite a lot. It is fun to read and the more family drama the better, at least in this case. There is some important clues in this month, which makes it harder to write about it without spoiling too much of the book. Actually, I think I might have spoiled more than enough already, so we will leave the plot at that.

The characters in the book portray themselves as, and I have to say it, the picture of the American hospitality. The way they are described seems to be taken out of a dictionary. Carlan might not have meant for this, but as a non-American, it is kind of how I read it. I have lived in the U.S for a year and are quite familiar with their hospitality, and I feel like there is truth to it indeed. Don’t get me wrong, the friends I made in America is more than worth having, they are all great people. I don’t know how Americans would read the description of Maxwell’s family, but I think that’s a lot of the fun with reading books. Everyone interprets them in different ways which make it possible to make a discussion out of things which in turn helps us to learn. At least if you are willing to.

Don’t miss out on reading this one, it will change your whole experience with the series!

Released: 2015

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Love, family, oil

– The Book Reader

August (Calendar Girl, #8)

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