Calendar Girl 7: July – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys!

So I have bought the last two books to finish this series. In Norway, they are mostly parted into three months per book which makes it a total of four books. I don’t know how this is in other countries, but I would assume that it might be a little different.

Mia is heading south. In July she is heading for Miami to star in a music video for Latin Lov-ah! also known as Anton Santiago Mia can’t dance for her bear life, but apparently that can be fixed. Her employer is famous for his dancing, and he is also a famous player which Mia has no trouble of understanding while looking at him. Anton has hired Mia for her looks and her recent popularity. After what happened in Washington D.C. in June Mia is looking for a way to get past it and she hopes that maybe Anton could be the solution. While working for Anton Mia meets his assistant Heather who seems to be wishing something more from her employer that she has. Mia might be able to help more than one friend during her stay? 

I liked this month. I heard it on StoryTel, but when I bought the book I re-read it and I discovered that I had overslept some part, which often happens when you fall asleep listening to audiobooks. I love how Mia keeps helping people during her own mission to rescue her father. She makes friends wherever she goes and I hope they will stay in her life later on in this series. She also gets a surprising visit from Wes which always puts some good fun into the story. The story seems to pass by kind of fast. In some ways, it seems to be a story where not all the parts fit together right away, but trust me, in the end, it does.

I think my favourite character in this book is Anton Santiago. He seems like a player and to have a very high ego, which he is and has in both cases, but underneath all of that, he is a person who has personally struggled before he became famous. We get a little insight into his story. He is not American which gives us the chance to learn something about another part of the world, a part which is not as well of as the society we know. This is important, and I like that Carlan manages to squeeze this into her stories.

Released: 2015

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Love, dance, friendship

– The Book Reader

July (Calendar Girl, #7)

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