Message in a Bottle – Nicholas Sparks

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I’m sorry for my absence of late, but I have tons of stuff to read for school and it takes up quite a lot of time. I manage to fit in some reading during the days I have of school though.

On her vacation, Theresa Osbourne finds a mysterious letter in a bottle. Dear Catherine it begins, it is a love letter. She brings it to her boss who Immediately wants her to publish her in her column in The Boston Times. Theresa isn’t so sure, but she changes her mind. After publishing the first letter Theresa is run down by phone calls, mail and emails, but one stands out. Someone else has found a letter like Theresa’s but it is older, by years. Theresa thinks that this is just a coincidence, but when a third letter appears she isn’t so sure anymore. These three letters send Theresa on a journey that will change her life forever. 

I watched this movie many years ago. I found it as a VHS at home when I was looking for a new movie to watch. When I re-watched it for the review I understood how long ago it was made. The fashion back then looks kinda funky, kind of comfy. The movie is ok in my opinion. Of all things, I don’t mind the actors which are normally what most people react to I think. Kevin Costner has the role of Garrett and Robin Wright plays the role of Theresa. I did not recognize Wright right away, but she also plays the role of Jenny in Forrest Gump. Anyway, the movie is ok in terms of a storyline, but a few additions have been made that alters the history enough to not quite cooperate with what I like about the book. It doesn’t bother me as much as Safe Haven, but that’s going to take a lot to make me that upset again haha. The characters have some other traits that don’t quite fit my picture of them from the book, but that’s because I think Sparks in his true fashion keeps the whole lovemaking part into something mystical and scared that he knows how to do so well. The movie in itself is a very nice story and it is perfect for a Saturday night snuggle in even though it’s getting a little bit old-fashioned, but then again when does love stories ever go out of fashion? This is the kind of movie where you are happy with only watching the movie or only reading the book and we need some of those as well.

I like the book. It has a steady pace, but as a few of the Sparks novels, it tends to have all the action at the end. I’m quite ok with that, at least I am for his book because I know by now that that is the way they are written. I think what I enjoy most about this book is the characters in the way they don’t sound forced. As I’ve already said the book and the movie don’t quite match on this part. I find the character of Garrett opposite of many other male characters and by this, I mean that he seems to be the one who seeks the attention most in the relationship. Sparks portrays him as soft and contact seeking, a man whom never stops loving and I think at the time the book was released that this was kind of a new way to portray men. At certain points, I feel myself getting annoyed with him because I think its too much, but that might just be me. A thing that disappears in the movie which is quite essential in the book is the boat Happenstance. This boat has a huge part in the book, both due to the presence it has in the book and the emotional presence of Garrett.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I will keep reading Sparks for a little while longer. Read his books if you haven’t and you want something good to read that keeps your mind entertained in a light way!

Message in a Bottle: Message in a Bottle – Trailer

Published: 1989

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Love, loss, loneliness

– The Book Reader

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