Calendar Girl 5: May – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys! #cheatbook

So I’m getting along with this series quite nicely. I finished this one a while ago, but I haven’t gotten around to write about it yet.

Mia is heading for Hawaii to be the head model in a campaign called «Beauty comes in all sixes». She gets to spend most of her day on a beach, either taking pictures or bathing in the sun. Her male model companion is one of the locals and he is a real piece of hot man. Tai Niko, Mia’s modelling partner, shows Mia around the island and give her a taste of the local life. He also shows her how a Samoan night can feel like in bed. Tai looks more like a rock than a man. He is tall with broad shoulders, a nipped in waste, square packs and thighs to die for. Mia is excited about her month in Hawaii. 

I feel this month is kind of slow. Mia does a great job as a model and I like to read about her campaign. She also gets a visit from Gin, her best friend, and Maddison, her little sister, as a part of the fun. She gets to show them everything Tai has showed her, and Gin finds some love attraction of her own. What surprises Mia is the connection between her and Tai. Though there is not anything serious she just has this instant connection with him which I kind of like because I recognize it. It’s the great feeling of friendship that evolves through different experiences in your life. I have several different friendships that have survived many a struggle, although not on the sexual account.

This series feels quite long at the moment. I really hope that it picks itself up, because I’m intrigued enough to continue to read it, but at the same time, I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen. I feel like I’ve reached a part of the series where something is bound to happen, so maybe June will be the month.

Released: 2015

Genre: Romance novel

Theme: Travel, sex, photography, escorted, Hawaii

– The Book Reader


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