It also concerns you – Arnold Jacoby

Norwegian title: Det angår også deg

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It also concerns you is the story of Herman Sachnowitz and his family during Holocaust. Herman grew up in the Norwegian town Larvik and he was 21 years old when he was arrested by Gestapo. He was taken to Berg prisoner camp or Quisling’s henhouse as some people called it. He ended up there with his father and brothers, They didn’t know right away what happened to their mother and sister, but they found out later. Along with his father and brothers, Herman is deported during the fall of 1942 when most of the Norwegian Jews were deported. They were about 773 of them, only a few would return home. Herman’s family was not among the lucky ones to return. 

I think this is an important book. The title speaks to me. This happened long before I lived, but we still see traces of this today. Just like back then we can’t just shrug our shoulders and say «It’s not my problem» because it is. Living in the same country, the same state and the same community makes us connected in different ways. You don’t have to love everybody, but there is still this common thing about helping out whenever you can. Herman experiences neighbours helping him and his family, but he also experiences people turning away because they happen to have «the wrong faith». The deportation of the Norwegian Jews could have been more successful, but luckily there were people out there who didn’t support the Nazis and their ideas. What I find truly sad in this whole thing is the part the police played in it all. So many police officers supported the Nazi view while others had to follow orders in term to keep their job. Power can be a terrible thing.

The story is sad and I feel that we get a true look at how a human being almost can be turned into an animal is treated as such for a long time. We follow Herman on his incredible long journey to Poland and back again. His history is like many others I’ve read, but still, I find unique things about every personal story I read. No story is alike although a lot of the happenings are the same. This story takes us from Herman’s capture and imprisonment in Norway and all the way to Auschwitz. This summer I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau and it was a strange feeling to walk where so many people had walked before me. Thanks to their books I’ve been able to learn their stories and now I have also walked where they walked so many years ago. This book is very detailed which is why I think I find it so important. Facts from primary sources is hard to come by. Herman shows us the good and the bad in humans during his story.

Published: 1976

Genre: Biography

Theme: Holocaust, war, jews, survival

– The Book Reader

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