The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

Hi guys!

This week I finished another book by Nicholas Sparks. I liked this one quite a lot!

Logan Thibault is an ex-marine who has walked his way from Colorado with his dog Zeus. He finds his way to Hampton, North Carolina based on a picture he found in Iraq. His marine buddies believed that somehow the picture kept him safe from all the danger he faced. Logan’s buddy Victor keeps talking about what it is Logan’s destiny to go and find this woman, but Logan is not so sure. 

Beth is a single mother to Ben. She has lived in Hampton all her life and she runs a kennel with her grandmother. Her life consists of cleaning cages, walking dogs, training dogs, feeding and watering dogs. The last 10 years of her life her dating life has been very little interesting and she used to work at the school. Since Nana had her stroke Beth hasn’t wanted to leave her alone with all the responsibility. Then one day a stranger shows up at the kennel and applies for the job. 

This book has quite a steady pace. It takes some time getting into it, but at the same time, you don’t notice that before after you’ve read the book. What I like about this book better than the other books I’ve read from Nicholas Sparks is the way the book describes things. The surroundings, the house, the kennel and the general area. It creates this complete harmony within the story. The story and the characters make the perfect picture. I love how Beth evolves through the story. She goes from being unknowing and kind of timid to stand up for herself and her family with some help from a friend. The story also puts the perspective of the Iraq war into some perspective. I don’t know too much about this topic, mostly because I’m so sceptical to what I read on the internet and such. I like neutral sources, but those are kind of hard to come by, sadly. It’s just insane how many people wars have claimed over the years. War is just not a good thing….

This story is the perfect love story with a kind of creepy start. I have to say I would not know how to react if someone told me they had walked a long distance just because of a picture of me. I mean there are stalkers out there, but since this is a nice story with a good ending it can’t be bad right? If I was still 15 and didn’t know too much about the world I’m pretty sure the 15-year-old me would have thought that to be so romantic. I think it’s good that I’m not 15 anymore!

I’ve watched this movie too and I’m not nearly as disappointed with this one as I was with Safe Haven. The biggest issue was Zac Efron as Logan. Zac Efron is very handsome and nice to look at, but he is too much of a pretty boy for me (I’m sorry if I’m stepping on someone’s toes here!). I took some time for me to get used to Beth being a blond as well, but when you think of it; when that’s my biggest issues then there isn’t that bad of a movie, haha. The story is good with a few differences from the book (but isn’t it always some differences though?) and I love, love, love the area it is filmed in!

I would highly recommend reading this book!

The Lucky One: The Lucky One – Trailer

Published: 2008

Genre: Love novel

Theme: Love, war, family

– The Book Reader

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