Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

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I’m continuing to read my Nicholas Spark novels. I actually have quite a few I discovered now that I’ve started to read them.

One day in March a stranger shows up in Southport, North Carolina. Katie has run away from her previous life and her terrible husband. She wants to stay as far away from him as possible and never stays in one place for more than a short time period. She’s been on the run for a while and now she has the opportunity to slow down for a little while. She gets a job as a waitress and rent a shabby shack in the forest, out of the way for everybody.

Alex runs one of the local stores and gas pumps. He has two kids and he has been alone since his wife died. He notices Katie when she moves to town, but he can’t figure her out. She lives alone, he can’t see a wedding ring and she keeps to herself. She comes in to shop and she works at Ivan’s. Between keeping his kids busy and running the store and grill Alex has enough to do with his life, but slowly he feels that something is starting to change. 

I liked this book. It’s the kind of book that takes a little bit to get to the action, but it builds itself up so nicely. You can easily follow the changes that happen through the story. Sadly it is completely ruined by the movie. I mean, did the directors and I read the same book?! Hello….I had to watch almost the entire movie before I finally recognized something from the storyline of the book. I understand that the book itself is not too exciting when it comes to action, but seriously there is a difference between shaving and cutting your head off. When the directors even can’t keep the names of Alex’s kids correct then you start to wonder. Watching the movie and reading the book is like two different stores who happens to have the same characters and some slight similarities. It’s so sad when a good book is ruined by the movie to this degree. I assume there was a good reason, or many, for the way the movie turned out, but for me, as a reader, it was just such a big disappointment.

What I feel real makes the book is how Katie’s story is told. It is such an important topic the world today; the topic of violence in a home. Whether it’s toward the wife, the husband, or the kids. The way Katie’s husband Kevin is portrayed in the book it’s clear that there is something wrong with him. He has different symptoms a psychosis, though with my limited experience I can’t tell you what. I have decided in my head to not put too much attention to that fact that in the book Kevin is a Christian. We all know that lunatics come in all sizes, shapes and colours all over the world. The story is told from Katie’s, Alex’s and Kevin’s perspective and I think that is really great. It truly shows how different the victim and the offender can look at things. You read the stories, you see them in movies and yet it is kind of hard to imagine that this, violence in the home, actually happens out in real life. I’ve never experienced it, so, therefore, I think it is harder for me than maybe for other people who have some more experience. I feel this is an important fact that loses a little bit of its full depth in the movie and that is sad as well. This is only my opinion though. This is truly one of the books that should never have become a movie in the first place. The book should have stayed just a book.

Safe Haven: Safe Haven – Trailer

Published: 2010

Genre: Romantic novel

Theme: Love, violence, family, alcohol

– The Book Reader

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