The Seven Sisters 3: The Shadow Sister – Lucinda Riley


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I had to wait a while for this one to get into the library. There was a long waiting list for both book and audiobook because I assume a lot of people has been waiting for this book alongside with me.

Star D’Apliése is one of seven sisters who all are named after a special star in a special zodiac. Common for all sisters is that they are adopted and they know nothing about their past before their father picked them up from all around the world. Star is not quite like her other sisters. She has always been very close to her sister CeCe. They have been inseparable for most of their lives, but with the death of their, father Star starts to wonder how much longer she should follow her sister around. Like her other sisters, she receives a letter from her father which contains a clue about where she is from. Her clue leads to one of her favourite hobbies – books. 

Aha, a book about books! That’s always something that I like to read about. Riley (author) is very good at describing things. I may have forgotten to mention that in the other reviews I’ve written about this series. She describes everything so well so that you can almost feel the books in the bookstore Star becomes so attached to. Riley also describes the scenery of the English countryside very beautifully. It just makes you want to go over to England and visit right away.

In this book as the others, there is a story within the story and I think Star’s is so far my favourite. I think it has to do with my fascination with the English aristocracy with all its wow and glam factors. The story behind Star is somewhat complex as the two other sisters, but I somehow felt that this one was a touch more advanced. I think Riley evolves her techniques as she writes these books. I’m assuming we will have at least three more of them, at least I hope so! Again, there is very hard to tell much without spoiling anything and I don’t like to spoil stuff. That’s never fun for anyone unless you want to be spoiled, but then again that would be a whole other matter.

This book is my favourite so far in the series and I feel that we will hear some more about Star in the book about her sister CeCe which is the one I’m expecting will come out next. It is to be launched this year on the 2nd of November! That’s not too far away, nice! Straight to the bookstore at that point!

Released: 2016

Genre: Historical novel

Theme: Family, history, England

– The Book Reader

The Shadow Sister (The Seven Sisters #3)

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