The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

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To update you a little bit. My brother has moved out, and I’m moved out so my parents are looking for a smaller place to stay and have decided to put the house up for sale. With that comes a moving process and books are heavy to move. Therefore I have started to read my Nicholas Sparks’ books so that my oldest niece could start out with some easy books when she starts reading English books. His books are so easy and they don’t contain anything too inappropriate which makes it OK for me as an aunt to pass these books on to her.

Ronnie is being forced to spend her summer with her dad in North Carolina by her mother. Previously Ronnie has been in trouble for shoplifting and she and her mom doesn’t have the best relationship. Ronnie expects the summer to be a drag like non-other, although her younger brother, Jonah, is quite excited. Ronnie’s father is a retired piano teacher and concert pianist and she hasn’t talked to him in three years. When arriving Ronnie surprisingly meets someone to hang out with even though some people in the gang seems shady and creeps her out. Then there is Will. The guy who isn’t her type at all, but seems to like her for some reason. 

This was made into a movie in 2010 and I remember it coming out. The book and the movie are different, of course, and I think the book makes better sense. There isn’t as much action in the book so I assume that’s why they have altered the movie a little bit. I can’t say I’m too bothered about that, but that may be because of 1; It is a long time since I’ve seen the movie and 2; The movie was never my favourite. If it had been a favourite I might have been more upset about it. I like the movie and I think Miley Cyrus is perfect for the part as Ronnie while Liam Hemsworth is perfect for the part as Will. The music is good too come to think of it.

About the book, it is so easy to read which is nice and it fits everyone, from adolescents to grown-ups. I think I prefer the book compared to the movie and the reason is that I think the story is more composed and makes more sense in the book. It’s a beautiful story about finding back to the person whom one should or could become. Relationships aren’t always easy, no matter the relationship, and first’ loves can be tricky. The book shows this really well and it’s easy to dream yourself away to the coast of North Carolina in the southern states and just be in the story. It’s a story about second chances and Nicholas Sparks has really done a good job with this novel. I recommend it now that fall is coming upon us and it would be nice with some more summer heat.

The Last Song: The Last Song – Trailer

Published: 2009

Genre: Romance

Theme: Family, love, second chances, hope

– The Book Reader

The Last Song

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