The Seven Sisters 2: The Storm Sister – Lucinda Riley


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So, remember that I told you in The seven sisters post that I had read the second book in the series first? Well, this is the one I started with from the beginning. Kind of a bummer when you listen to a book and then you discover that it is book number two in a series, but what can you do?

Ally D’Apliése is one of seven sisters who all are named after a special star in a special zodiac. Common for all sisters is that they are adopted and they know nothing about their past before their father picked them up from all around the world. Ally loves to sail and it was one of the things that she bonded over with her dad. When she was younger she was also a very skilled flutist and studied at a great music school. When she receives the news of her father’s death she is about to compete in one of the greatest and most dangerous yacht races, but she puts it on hold for a while to go home to see her sisters. Her father’s death is not the only one Ally will have to encounter. Can she find some comfort in the letter her father has left her that might lead her to her original birthplace? 

This book starts off so dramatic, it has a more dramatic start than the previous book in the series. I have to say I like the destination of Ally’s letter, but I’m not going to mention why you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. First of all, there is the sailing. I know fairly little about sailing myself, but I was able to follow along due to the explanations Riley (author) has made. There are none too complicated terms which makes you feel that you can understand more or less what is happening. It is never fun when you read a book and you have to look up every other word because you don’t understand the term. Then there is the music. Ally is musically gifted and she will soon discover where her musical talent comes from. She has always enjoyed listening to music and especially Morning Mood by Grieg reminds her of her father.

I felt that there was always something going on in this story. This book is more dramatic than the first one in my opinion, but that might be due to the fact that I listened to this one first and therefore expected something more from the first book when I eventually listened to that one. All the drama and action is well embedded into a story so it all fits neatly together, there are no loose ends.

Released: 201

Genre: Novel

Theme: Love, family, sailing, music, history

– The Book Reader

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