The Seven Sisters 1: The Seven Sisters – Lucinda Riley


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With this one, I went a little old school and went to the library to borrow the audiobook. I like listening to audiobooks when I’m falling asleep, it makes it easier for me to get sleepy. Or that depends on the day I suppose, sometimes I just don’t fall asleep.

Maia D’Apliése is one of seven sisters who all are named after a special star in a special zodiac. Common for all sisters is that they are adopted and they know nothing about their past before their father picked them up from all around the world. They all have very different personalities. Maia is the oldest one and she has been living on the family property most of her life. She says it’s because she wants to look after her father and help out around the house, but that is not the entire truth. When her father all of a sudden dies she receives a letter from her father which might lead her to where she originally came from. 

Again, I managed to listen to book number two in the series so I had a little idea about what I was listening to. Maia starts out this journey by checking out the information about herself that she has received from her father before he died. She is a little hesitant about the whole thing which I can understand in some way. When we know and are used to something humans can be quite difficult and reluctant to change their views or habits. Maia hasn’t known anything else but her safe home, her sisters and her father. Yet she takes the step and she gets to know herself in a completely different way and Riley (author) has done an incredible job describing this journey. If I say more there is going to be spoilers and that’s no fun at all.

I like the whole history plot in this book and I’m suspecting that all the sisters will have completely different stories to tell when this series evolves into more books. I already know the second and third story, but I’m excited to see where the rest of the sisters have their origins from. I like the twists and the stories hiding behind everything. Again, spoilers will happen so I will have to talk mostly about it without saying stuff straight our. This is a story within a story and I think that’s fun. Also since I’ve studied history at the university the whole backstory for this plot is very interesting. There is also some love in the air, which just makes it more lovely to read.

Released: 2014

Genre: Novel

Theme: Family, history, love, travelling

– The Book Reader

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