The Plantagenet and Tudor series 6: The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory


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Catherine has always been the Infanta of Spain. She has been her parents youngest and she is the one who is suppose to secure England for them in an alliance through marriage to Henry the 7th son, Arthur. She has been told this ever since she was three years old, she is destined to become the future Queen of England. She doesn’t meet her betrothed until the age of 15 and she is a few months his senior. She is not marrying for love, she is marrying for her parents’ advantage. When she arrives in England she becomes an instant success, being every part the future queen her mother Isabella would want her to be. Happiness is not always meant to be, her way to the throne becomes more complicated than she could ever imagine. 

Who isn’t familiar with at least parts of this story? I have to say that even though this is historical fiction I kind of struggle with understanding how that journey to the throne could be so hard for a woman at that point in history. At this point in history, women had no right to raise their voice. They could be used to political advantage and that is one of the greatest parts of this story. The other great part is religion. This is two grand competitors during these troubled times in England. I don’t know Catherine of Aragon’s previous story, to tell the truth from the fiction in this story. I’m more familiar with the story after she became a queen and Henry the 8th became smitten with Anne Boleyn.

I read the second book in this series first, because I was unaware that it was a series. The Other Boleyn Girl (this post is in Norwegian I’m afraid) I found much more exciting than I found this book. The Constant Princess struck me as boring at certain points in the story. There was a couple of pages that I bored me through more than reading. I find that a little disappointing since I enjoyed the second book so much, but I suppose from writing the first and then writing the second Gregory found a new way of things since the second is so much better than the first. I wouldn’t say it’s not worth reading. I think another reason for why I enjoyed the second book more than the first is that I’m more familiar with the story of the Boleyn sisters than the story of Catherine of Aragon. I think a person who is more familiar with Catherine of Aragon’s story, the true story, would enjoy this more than I did since I can’t tell truth from fiction.

Released: 2005

Genre: Historical fiction

Theme: History, politics, the Tudor dynasty, family, love

– The Book Reader

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