Shardlake 6: Lamentation – C.J. Sansom


Hi guys!

I’m now done with this wonderful series. It’s mostly sad I have to admit, but it was a wonderful end to the stories I’ve been reading about Matthew Shardlake.

Henry the 8th is dying in the summer of 1546. There is speculation at court about who is to be regent until the little Prince Edward comes of age. Will it be the Parr or the Seymour’s? Matthew Shardlake is back in his regular work after his dangerous mission in Portsmouth a year before. He has not worked for Queen Catherine since. Therefore he is surprised when her uncle’s secretary, Mr Cecil, shows up at his door with an urgent message from the queen. He has already promised Barak and himself to not be involved in anything too dangerous again. That might turn out to be a hard promise to keep, at least for himself. 

Sigh, yet again I’m not able to figure out the plot. In this book, there seem to be some extra difficult threads. I had a hard time figuring out how everything hung together, but in the end, I saw it. Not before the book explained it to me though, no boasting here. In this book, Shardlake has a new companion which he starts to take with him around on small missions and quests in their search of the Lamentation. Shardlake doesn’t want Barak to risk his life since he now has a wife, a child and another one on the way.

This book is more complex than the other ones and therefore it is the perfect ending to this series. Again it is hard to say anything without spoiling too much. I can say one thing though; I feel that there is a lot more love in this book than in the other ones somehow. I feel that we truly get a picture of how much Barak means to Matthew and how their relationship has evolved since they met each other in the second book.

Released: 2014

Genre: Novel, historical mystery

Theme: Tudor-dynasty, history, mystery, religion

PS! I’m writing this so late compared to how when I read it, I’m so sorry about that guys!

– The Book Reader

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