The history of a marriage – Geir Gulliksen

Norwegian title: Historie om et ekteskap

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A woman and a man meet under some quite normal circumstances, but it starts something in both of them that they can’t quite explain. He is a young father and she is in the middle of her doctoral studies. Yet there is something between them that can’t be denied. They marry and they have two children together. Several years into their marriage something strange starts to happen. Things don’t seem to be quite right with them anymore, but how does that happen? How do two grown-ups fall apart when they have a good life together? 

When I read this book I get the sense that the male main character is afraid of being normal. He doesn’t want to be like everybody else even though from the start this relationship hasn’t been like any other relationship that he knows. He has a lot of erotic ideas that don’t quite fit into a marriage. For some people, they may seem right, but for others, they may seem quite strange. Is it some kind of midlife crisis?

In the story, it is mostly the male who is the narrator and he tries to understand her side of why the relationship fell apart. When you start reading this seems like a quite simple and easy relationship although they have different ideas about things. When getting into the book there are small hints along that something is about to happen. How do grown-ups fall apart? The book is really good at explaining this and it does it easy to understand. It’s always hard when a break-up comes along. Sometimes life just gets in the way of love and there are a few good scenarios in the book showing this. I really had to laugh about one morning scene where everything just seemed to get in the way of something as simple as sex.

There are two children in this book. Children are more observant than we think and one of the boys starts to see the new man as a horse. He talks about a horse that his mother wants. She is happy when she is with the horse, it waits for her at the end of their street and she takes long walks with it. When children can’t explain something they relate it to something they might understand and try to figure the rest out along the way.

I liked this book. It was very easy to read and it explains life in a good way like I said. The book was nominated for Nordic Council Literature award, Critic award, P2-Listeners novel award and The youth critic award. It got a 6 from the Stavanger Aftenblad which is one of the newspapers in Norway so it is a well read and discussed the book.

Published: 2015

Genre: Novel

Theme: Family, love, life issues

– The Book Reader

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