Calendar Girl 4: April – Audrey Carlan


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So yet another book in the series of Calendar Girl. I’m almost halfway now, and I think I will follow through to the end, just because I’m getting slightly curious about how this ends.

Mia is heading to Boston and this time her client is one of the players on the baseball team the Boston Red Socks, which also happens to be her favourite baseball team. Her client is a true party boy, immature, arrogant and thinks himself above and beyond sexy, which Mia actually can agree to. He expects Mia to sleep with him, but Mia spells that clearly out for him; NO! Mia is hired by Masons’ PR team to try and fix his reputation which has taken a steep downfall since he signed for the Red Socks. He has never been seen with the same woman twice and he has been in several bar fights after drinking too much. Mia has her work cut out for her, but while she is in Boston she discovers something about Mason that is not known to the world around him. 

Meh….Ehm well, the book is nice enough. I still think it took a downfall after book number three. I didn’t like this as much though it made me laugh on a few occasions. I feel like this book is kind of slow, there is some action, especially at the end, though it is not enough to make up for the whole book. There really isn’t too much to say about this book.

I learned some new facts about baseball though, which is a game I struggle hard to understand (this may be because I never have had the interest of understanding it)

Released: 2015

Genre: Novel

Theme: Baseball, love, family

– The Book Reader

April (Calendar Girl, #4)

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