Calendar Girl 3: March – Audrey Carlan


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I’m so glad I gave this series one more change! It turned around completely and picked itself right up.

Mia is heading to Chicago to pretend to be a famous cooks fiancé. Her client is an earlier boxer, who looks like an Italian stallion and owns a restaurant chain that makes Italian food. He is the face of the chain, but the entire family runs it together. Mia is blown away by her client’ looks, the only thing is that he is not in her range, sexually. Tony Fasano’s family is quite religious and Mia soon understands why she is there. In the turning of the events, Mia starts to like Tony’s family more and more and they like her as well, but she is also very aware of the situation between Tony and his friend. 

Like I mentioned I’m glad I gave the series another chance. This book was by far the best in my opinion. I laughed out loud a lot and I also felt the characters more than I have before in the previous books. It might be that I like this book better because it revolves around the topic of gay rights and how families handle this when it turns out a family member is gay. The story takes a truly beautiful turn, and (#spoileralert) even though you kind of sense where the story is going the end is unexpected in its own way which is why I think I loved it so much.

I think Mia as a character now starts to evolve more and more. I feel that in the first and second book I read about what seemed like a teenage girl, but now I’m starting to see a more young adult and the girl who is in her late 20’s, which Mia actually is. The whole character is getting more prominent as this series progress and I would expect it too due to all the things Mia are experiencing.

I also dream a little bit about this book. This is a rich family that Mia is brought into and in this one session of the book (#spoileralert– again) Mia and two friends are out shopping and the mention brands like Chanel, Gucci and so on and I was thinking as I heard it; It would be so amazing to have all that money to be able to shop for brands like that. This is what I think books should do for you – take you to other worlds where you can be who you want, shop what you want, and live the places you want. This book is definitely the best in the series thus far!

Released: 2015

Genre: Novel

Themes: Love, family, gay rights, food

– The Book Reader

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