Calendar Girl 2: February – Audrey Carlan


Hi guys! #cheatbook

6 days left of my final period this year! Well, in truth there is 13 days, but the last one is a retake so it will be slightly easier than the ones coming up this next week. It will be 3 exams in 4 days for this person. Not excited whatsoever, but then again there are grades for possible foreign exchange and master’s degree so the work has to be done. Again I’m back with Mia Saunders in my audiobooks and I’m not a fan of this one…

This time Mia travels to Seattle to live with a French, famous artist Alec Dubois. She is supposed to be his muse and model for a new project. When she arrives she discovers that he expect something a little unusual from her. She is again thrown into a new world where she has barely sat her foot before. Alec is talented as an artist but there is more to him than that Mia soon discovers. As they spend hours and hours in his workshop she comes to understand new aspects of life and that there is possible to love people without committing to them for an entire life. 

This book made no impact on me. I find it plain boring, to be honest. There is only a slight amount of action in my opinion and there is nothing terrific about the book at all. Mia gets a few more life lessons and she misses Wess, but other than that she doesn’t do much. There is a good thing about the book though and that is how Alec’s art is described. It is very descriptive and the picture I managed to make in my mind was impressing if it came close to there original in the book.

I guess I’ll check out the 3rd book just to see if this keeps getting worse or if it actually picks itself up again.

Released: 2016

Genre: Novel

Theme: Art, escort girls, love, ficition

– The Book Reader

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