Calendar Girl 1: January – Audrey Carlan


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I hope you all are doing well! We celebrated Norway’s independence day yesterday. I started the day with breakfast with some friends and the went down to Trondheim town to hear the salute and watch the parade. Norway is actually one of few countries who do parades which is not purely military. We mix bands, schools, athletic groups among other things into a nice parade to celebrate our country. After a trip into town, I had to go home to change out of my traditional dress and eat before I went back to town to work an evening shift. Along with this I still listen to audiobooks, hehe.

Mia Saunders lives in Los Angeles, although born in Las Vegas. She has moved to get away from the life she used to be involved in. Now she has had a phone call that her father is in the hospital after almost being beaten to death by gang members that he owns money. She barely earns enough money for her rent, she needs money fast in order to be able to help her father. The loan-shark threatening her father is her ex-boyfriend. Her aunt and her firm seem to be the solution, although the job is unusual, it pays well, well enough to save her father before the time limit is up. One year and then she will be free, in one year she will have the money she needs. Her first client is a young, sexy director and she will stay with him during January.

I feel like I kinda just read 50 shades of Grey all over again, just with a slightly more interesting twist, which made me appreciate it slightly more. 50 shades of Grey to me was a little too much of mediocre writing and a plot that was only so and so interesting. I feel that Carlan does it slightly better than E.L. James. Calendar girl is more relatable to real life, or at least in my opinion. To me, 50 shades of Grey became a little too abstract and that had a tendency to make it boring for me. Calendar girl makes me laugh a few times. Mia makes this book what it is. She is spunky, she is fun and she has a brain which is either a good thing or bad thing in her profession.

I like this book for entertainment reasons. Although the fact is that this is the everyday life of several women and men around the world today. Mia may enter somewhat semi-voluntarily, but a lot of people live in these kinds of conditions out of force. Prostitution is a huge problem in many countries and both grown-ups and young children are caught up in it. I imagine there may be some differences between high luxury prostitution and street prostitution, although I wouldn’t know. You can read about this online, but there are so many shadow-numbers and so much that is being covered up that it is hard to know what is hard facts and what is fake. The book shows, what should I say, a more glorifying and fun side of this life. It is based purely on fiction and it is also a romantic novel. I read it as mentioned for entertainment reason, but at the same time, there is something in my head that keeps reminding me of that this is not as faint as reality as it may seem. It is good for housewives-porn though, that it absolutely is true and you can get some creative ideas from it for sure.

Released: 2015

Genre: Novel

Theme: High luxury prostitution, love, money

– The Book Reader

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