Just popping in to make sure that I haven’t forgotten you guys! I have finals for the next 36 days and then I’m free! I don’t have the time to read books, but I do have some time to listen to audiobooks, so that’s how I satisfy my book urges nowadays. Telia, my phone-company, has a campaign going right now where you get Storytel free for 3 months if you are a customer with Telia. I highly recommend it. I’m super happy with the deal!

Storytel has, from what I have seen, both new and older books. I have found books on there that I have had issues finding out in bookshops or at the library. Norway isn’t always too good at taking in «the right books» in my opinion. Hehe. That’s what you have vacations for, to roam around in foreign bookstores to buy the books you can’t find at home. My favourite bookshop, ARK, normally has a pretty good selection of books. It depends on the size of the store of course.

Well, I guess I have to get back to my developmental psychology book. It doesn’t read itself sadly and my notes doesn’t write themselves either. I’ll see you in 36 short days!

– The Book Reader

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